Angela calls out Big Ed for using his neck condition as an excuse for everything

 In an interview with entertainment tonight, Angela Deem shared her thoughts about the new spin off show the last resort. She also expressed what she really thinks about her fellow cast members, specifically when it comes to Big Ed.

90 Day The Last Resort will be Angela's final hope, when it comes to salvaging her rocky relationship, with her Nigerian husband Michael Ilesanmi. The Entertainment Tonight interviewer, sat down with the reality star, who opened up about what viewers can expect from the new show, and she also revealed what she learned from the intense new experience.

Angela said that she thought Kalani's story was the most heartbreaking, because of Asuelu's infidelity, and then she told the interviewer that Molly and Kelly should split up. Surprisingly, she stated that Ed and Liz had the most effective retreat outcome. However, she confessed that Big Ed's insecurities, because of his height and neck condition, will keep causing troubles for the couple forever.

Angela has serious trust issues due to low self esteem, and these issues didn't go away even after she improved her body and appearances over the last few years. That's one of the reasons she's on the show, but some problems are too serious to fix, even with patient and innovative professionals and lovely surroundings. A miracle, on the other hand, is possible. It's not impossible for Angela to learn to get along with Michael. It's simply a long shot.

Thanks to therapists of the new show, Angela realized that she and Micheal have a miscommunication problem. In general, she was feeling optimistic, because she learned a lot of things that she didn't know before the couple therapy' sessions. The interviewer asked Angela whether she has anger problems or not, and to that, Angela responded that she doesn't have anger problems, but she has an intolerance for other people BS, including her husband.

Angela said she and Michael went through a lot of intense therapy on the show, and she also got a lot closer to her fellow cast mates. She told the Entertainment Tonight interviewer that this new show is gonna knock everybody out the park, because this is the first time many couples meet for two weeks, and live together on an island, and not just for a couple of days like on the tell-all. At the end, Angela didn't say whether she divorced Micheal or not, but the finale of this new spin off show, will finally give us a closure about this couple's storyline.