Violet was caught cheating on Riley

 Before the 90 days season 6 cast member Riley, might not be the only man in Violet's life that she's been dating. Riley and Violet met on a Vietnamese international dating app and hit it off really quickly. The 43 year old Vietnamese, came into the life of the 48 year old American man, right after his last girlfriend left him and disappeared without a trace.  Since then, He had been in a long distance relationship with Violet, and has been chatting with her for two years every day ever since. Violet is a mother of two girls, and was still married when she met Riley, but she assured him that in 2022 she finally got her divorce, however, Riley isn't buying it and thinks that she's lying to him. Plus it doesn't help that Violet's behavior on 90 Day Fiancé has been very sketchy and suspicious. 

On the show, Violet agreed that she would not be sleeping in the hotel with Riley. She explained that staying in a private room with a man she isn't married to, is considered wrong in her society and will hurt her reputation as a woman. Still, Riley had some questions for Violet regarding their relationship that she quickly avoided answering, claiming that she wanted to enjoy their first date night together. In a teaser clip from a future episode of before the 90 days, Violet was caught by Riley texting a hot shirtless man, and she was trying to hide it. Apparently, the Vietnamese woman is talking to multiple foreign men at the same time, trying to find the best partner for her, while Riley thought that she was exclusive with him, yikes!

Riley and his Vietnamese woman had a really rough patch, when he found out that she's still active on the dating service, and even though they reconciled, he couldn't fully trust her after that. It was one of the reasons he considered hiring a private investigator, to follow Violet around and to discover what type of secret life she's living. The 43 year old woman is most certainly chatting with other men, and not just with Riley, and she's probably using multiple international dating apps at the same time.

Even though Riley told the private investigator that Violet was the right person for him, The P I confessed to him that in his work, he discovers that women are lying to their partners like 80 percent of the time throughout his investigations. Riley wants to believe Violet is telling the truth, but he is concerned that if Violet discovers that he hired a private investigator, she may leave him for good. If someone feels the need to employ an investigator to probe their partner, it implies they don't trust them and should quit the relationship immediately, which is exactly what Riley should do.