Vanessa slams TLC for getting Colt severely injured without giving him a compensation

 Colt Johnson, the former 90 Day Fiancé cast member, was in a horrifying accident back in December 2022, while he was secretly filming for the TLC's new spin off show 90 day: The last resort. He couldn't walk on his own for a long time, and he got to go through months of rehabilitation after that. Later, on January 7th, His wife Vanessa Guerra explained what happened, and she revealed that the incident occurred while filming a scripted scene, during which Colt was told by the TLC producers to go and jump on a trampoline. Exceeding the weight limit may put excessive strain on the trampoline and increase the risk of injury, and the producers should've known better before asking Colt who is overweight to go and jump on a trampoline.

Vanessa is still feeling bitter toward TLC to this day. While the tv network was promoting its new spinoff show on Instagram, the former cast member went straight the comments section and wrote: "will you be airing the footage of Colt breaking his leg for this show though?". Health care in the United States is so expensive even with Insurance, and Colt's surgery, rehabilitation and meds probably left the couple in big debt. Every reality tv cast member usually sign a contract when joining a new show, in that contract the tv network usually adds a hold harmless clause, which protects them, and makes them not responsible for any compensation in case a cast member gets injured, during the filming of the show. Which is probably why Vanessa is mad at the TLC network and promises to never work with them again.

Colt's fellow 90 Day Fiancé cast members have been encouraging him and requesting more information about his recovery. He has had three surgeries so far, according to Vanessa. Though he survived the procedures, the excessive painkillers Colt was given caused his bladder to shut down, and he is now wearing a catheter. Colt's recuperation took six to eight months, and he couldn't do it without going through physical therapy to learn how to walk again. While he will eventually return to normalcy, it will take time and a great deal of effort. Fortunately, he has Vanessa by his side to look after him.

The Last Resort, according to TLC, will follow five couples who have reached their breaking points and, in a last ditch effort to repair their relationships, and apparently Vanessa and Colt's footage will be cut out by the production team for legal reasons.

The new series will feature explosive group therapies, intense couples' sessions, past-life regressions, and unique on and off resort activities. The couples will be faced with a difficult option at the end of their stay at the resort: stay together or part ways.