This is why Tiffany criticized Ronald publically and called him a bad father

 Tiffany Franco is a 32 year old makeup artist from Frederick, Maryland, USA, while Ronald hails is a 38 year old gambling addict from South Africa. The former couple met online and instantly connected, despite the long distance between them. Their chemistry was evident from the start, and they decided to take their relationship to the next level by getting married. Unfortunately, things between them didn't work out, Ronald kept messing up despite Tiffany giving him multiple chances to get his act together, the last time they were together in South Africa was during the single life season 3. Recently, Tiffany Franco uploaded an Instagram reel in which she slammed Ronald Smith for being an irresponsible father and she also explained why.

After things fell off between the couple in South Africa, Tiffany returned to the United States because she didn't feel financially supported by Ronald, and he didn't even offer to buy diapers for their baby girl. Tiffany and Ronald have separated, but they remain in contact since Ronald wants to speak to his baby girl Carley on a daily basis via video calls.

Tiffany revealed in her new Instagram Reel that Ronald is still not as supportive as he once was. "It's not just seeing her every weekend, it's asking me if she needs anything every now and then", she wrote in the comments section to a fan.

Tiffany, however, did not receive the sympathy she would have expected from all of her Instagram followers. One fan commented to Tiffany reel:" You chose to have a kid right away, weren't married, no living situation, you had a kid and decided not to be with him". Tiffany responded to the fan saying:" It wasn't an unplanned pregnancy". The mother of two admitted that she was naive at the time and imagined her life would be all sunshine and roses. Tiffany went on to say:" We planned her just like we planned our wedding and our life together".

Tiffany claims she is still maintaining her end of the bargain, but Ronald isn't. There has been no word on Tiffany and Ronald's divorce. The South African appears to have a girlfriend back home, whom he constantly mentions on his Instagram account. It's allegedly the same woman he was hooking up with while being married to Tiffany. The American make up artist and social media influencer chose to end her relationship with Ronald after discovering that he was only making false promises to her. However, Ronald claims that he does give Tiffany money for the kids, but when pressed for proof of purchase, he fails to show it.