This is why Julia is unhappy in USA and wants to disappear

 Julia Trubkina, the Russian 90 Day Fiancé former cast member, posted a disturbing Instagram update in which she stated her desire to disappear. 29 year old Julia arrived in America in 90 Day Fiancé season 8, when she moved into Brandon Gibbs' family farm before they married. Julia's K-1 visa process was difficult, she had to deal with Brandon's conservative parents for three months before her wedding. The pair was forced to sleep in separate rooms in order to avoid becoming pregnant. However, Julia soon disclosed that she did not want to have a child, and now it is Brandon who disagrees with her.

She recently uploaded an Instagram story of herself seated in a boat in a gorgeous spot, based on the caption that she wrote, it appeared that the Russian was making an emotional confession to her Instagram followers rather than reflecting on her travel memories. "I want to disappear for a while," she wrote. Julia described her emotions as anger, rage, and tears. "I thought I was free of the situation," she said, "but it has covered me again." Julia stated that she wanted to reveal more about what was wrong with her but concluded it wasn't worth it.

"All I can do is write angry words on this stupid phone," Julia concluded. She also typed her Instagram caption in Russian, as she normally does. Brandon and Julia have been gone from 90 Day Fiancé for nearly a year. They videotaped themselves for episodes of 90 Day Diaries back in 2022, when they were about to relocate to Florida. They had already left Ron and Betty's house by that point. Brandon and Julia's decision to relocate did not sit well with Ron and Betty. However, the couple ultimately decided to purchase a home in Virginia Beach.

Julia was also facing deportation, and in April 2023, her legal documents, including her Green Card, were stolen, putting her in serious jeopardy. In the midst of it all, she got into a confrontation with a neighbor who threatened to sh**t her. She once told her followers that she was considering to move to a new state or even possibly to another country. At the same time, Julia may have been experiencing financial difficulties because she recently expressed her desire to return to "gogo" dancing in the night clubs, something she used to do before dating Brandon. Julia's new career irritated her American husband, who admitted it was straining their marriage.

Brandon also just published a mysterious Instagram story about wanting to have children while knowing Julia's answer will always be no. Julia's message now alluded to a tough period in her life that she is unable to discuss in depth on social media. Although Julia and Brandon provide periodic updates, it is only during a season of 90 Day Fiancé that fans can truly comprehend what is going on in their life. Julia could be implying that she is set to make a comeback and is unable to discuss the specifics of her difficulties just yet. However, if it is related to Brandon, this may be the end of a lovely 90 Day Fiancé love story.