This is why Asuelo moved to Las Vegas after his split from Kalani

 The Samoan former cast member of 90 Day Fiancé Asuelu Pulaa, revealed some new information about his current living situation in the States, after it was confirmed that he will be on the spin off show 90 Day: The Last Resort with his estranged wife Kalani Faagata. Asuelu who first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé season 6, came to the United States on a K-1 visa to get married to Kalani who was 32 year old back then. Kalani had lost her virginity to Asuelu while on vacation in Samoa, where she had also became pregnant with their first child. Kalani's Mormon family was initially opposed to her decision, but they later agreed to support the couple, who were expecting their second child at the time of their wedding.

Years later, Kalani and Asuelu divorce rumors started circulating online, and both of them were giving hints on their social media which show that both of them have moved on and already seeing other people. At the current time, Asuelu appears to be forging a new life apart from Kalani and their two children. He recently went live on Instagram to show his current whereabouts. During his live stream, Asuelu sat sipping an icy drink and was listening to a relaxing Samoan music while dressed in a patterned shirt and showing off his substantial weight loss. One of Asuelu's Instagram followers inquired as to whether he now resides in California or Las Vegas, Nevada. Asuelu confirmed his relocation to Vegas and he also characterized Las Vegas as very hot.

Beside working as a delivery driver, Asuelu also gets paid for doing many traditional Samoan dancing gigs with other Native Samoans, and living in Las Vegas will help the young man to find more gigs and earn more money.

When Kalani and Asuelu were together, they lived in Washington, Utah. It was a house that Kalani's father Low purchased back in 2018. The 2,424 square foot home with five bedrooms and four bathrooms was placed for sale in May 2022. Kalani confirmed later in October 2022 her return to California, where her family hails from. But Asuelu was not with her and their two sons this time. In June 2022, he fueled divorce rumors again with Kalani. Asuelu wrote a lengthy statement on Instagram, which has since been deleted, describing his and his wife's communication problems.

Asuelu was mainly upset because Kalani refused to go out with him or accept to film with him to create couple content for his social media accounts. He stated he did everything he could to create a comfortable life for her and the boys. According to Asuelu, Kalani appeared to be a different person than before. A few days later, he posted a video in which he acknowledged to being single once more. This was confirmation that Asuelu and Kalani were divorcing. However, in 2023, the pair chose to remain silent on social media, maybe because they were set to participate in 90 day: The Last Resort. Kalani hasn't stopped hinting about her new relationship with a man with tattoos on his arms and she posted many Instagram stories of their date nights together.