This is why 90 day fiance fans have some doubts about Mike Youngquist's new girlfriend

 According to his recent Instagram post, it's confirmed that Mike Youngquist has officially moved on from his exes Natalie Mordovtseva and Marcia Alves. However, many 90 day fiancé fans had some doubts whether Mike's New girlfriend is real or just a random woman photoshopped into his picture. 

The 37 year old began his TLC journey in 90 Day Fiancé season 7, when he travelled to Ukraine to meet Natalie, who later moved to the United States, where they got married in the backyard of his house in Sequim, Washington. Things didn't work out between them, which made Natalie ran away from his trailer home and move to Florida, where she met her new lover Josh Weinstein. Meanwhile, Mike put his farm home for sale, move to Seattle and was in a long distance relationship with Las Vegas based reality TV star Marcia Brazil.

Marcia revealed on Instagram in April 2023 that she and Mike were no longer together, prompting followers to wonder if he would return to Natalie. Mike, on the other hand, has now posted a selfie with an unknown woman, confirming he's dating someone new totally. Mike uploaded a cute photo with the woman, whose name he wishes to remain unknown.

While everyone was happy that Mike has moved on and has found happiness with a new beautiful woman, others were feeling suspicious about the picture and called it fake. The problem with Mike's recent post is that: it has a strong beauty filter applied to it, which made the woman in the picture look like a photoshopped cardboard. Many of his supporters wrote positive comments under the post, like:" she's very beautiful, so glad you found someone special", while others were mad at Mike and accused him of tricking them with a fake photoshopped picture. One the doubters was an Instagram user  who wrote:" Odd photo, the woman looks photoshopped into the picture", while another left a hilarious comment stating that the woman in the picture looks like a cardboard cutout masquerading as his girlfriend.

This is the second picture that Mike Younguist posts with his new girlfriend, In the first picture, he attempted to cover up her face using a paint tool on his phone before publishing it on Instagram, but the smile on his face showed how pleased he is in his new relationship. Mike teased his Instagram followers by refusing to add a description and instead posting two emoji hearts in red and black.

Mike hasn't been cast as a main 90 Day Fiancé character since season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, when Natalie opted to split from him. Mike has made brief appearances in 90 Day: The Single Life season in Natalie's plot to show that they are still married and have not yet divorced. Mike and Natalie's relationship is problematic because she admits to having affections for him even though she has a new life and a new boyfriend. It will be interesting to observe how Natalie reacts to Mike's new romantic relationship.