The reason usman got dumped by his new girlfriend Kiera

 Before the 90 Days Nigerian "super star" Usman Umar aka Sojaboy and his new American girlfriend Kiera Ogden  are no longer together and have split. Based on Usman's dating history that was televised by TLC, we would've guessed that his selfishness and stubbornness are the main reasons that caused his recent breakup, however Kiera has more to say about the topic, and she expressed herself by uploading a series of Instagram stories that explained what really happened.

Back in June 2023, Usman surprised his Instagram followers by revealing his new girlfriend Kiera. The Nigerian scammer was finally dating someone who wasn't a woman in her fifties. After the breakup, Kiera issued a statement in which she said: "It is with a heavy heart that I announce I have chosen to end my relationship with Usman Umar, better known as Sojaboy", Kiera hinted that Usman was the reason for their relationship's dissolution. "I encourage all women to know their worth," the American designer added, emphasizing that the split was the result of recent events, which could be during or after their trip the United Kingdom.

Kiera went on and on about her sadness. She expressed gratitude to people who supported her when the relationship was made public, and she felt compelled to speak out as a result of the attention the relationship received. "It is critical to my happiness and well being to maintain personal boundaries," Kiera noted. She is a big believer in the importance of mutual respect, understanding, and support in a healthy partnership. "By sharing this update publicly, I hope it inspires others to prioritize their well being and stand firm in asserting boundaries within their relationships" Kiera stated, adding that she now wants to cultivate her own growth and happiness.

Meanwhile, Usman has remained silent on the subject. His Instagram posts with Kiera are still on his Instagram. It features the album in which he posed in the crowded streets of London with his new lover while on tour in the United Kingdom. Usman's first foreign tour coincided with Kiera's birthday, which the couple was celebrating together in the UK. Usman also made a veiled dig at Kim, stating that he was off the market, not by force, but by choice. Kim had acted frantic when she wanted Usman to be her boyfriend because she was only a fan of the "superstar" at the time.

While Kiera was trying to be nice and stay diplomatic about the reason of why she broke up with Usman, real 90 day fiancé fans can guess what really happened between the two. Usman is well known for being a user, who will do anything to achieve his dream of moving to the United States. He thinks that he can get his music career to the next level once he gets there. He probably asked Kiera to file for his K-1 visa and to sponsor him so he can come to the States, and she didn't want to be in that situation because of his past. And since she's not willing to help Usman to come to the United States, then the rapper has no reason to be with her and will probably move to his next victim.