Sheila is feeling devastated after the death of a close family member

 In a sneak peek from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days next week's episode, we saw that a funeral was held in Sheila's home, raising suspicions over whether her mother or father died. 31 year old Sheila is a single mother of a 12 year old kid named Jhonreil and they are both residing in Cebu, Philippines. In an International Facebook group for single deaf people, she met 42 year old David from Omaha, Nebraska. David has been deaf since birth, whilst Sheila lost her hearing as a toddler after damaging her eardrum with a broomstick.

So far, David and Sheila's main problem appeared to be her inability to communicate with him using the American Sign Language which she has not mastered yet. David's family and friends warned him about Sheila being a possible con artist and green card scammer. So far, David sent Sheila around $3000 throughout their first two years of dating and that money was not spent on gifts and leisure but instead on life necessities to help Sheila and her poor family. David later discovered Sheila's terrible poverty after visiting her home in the slums of Cebu, Philippines in a recent episode. Sheila was concerned that David would believe she was pursuing his money after seeing her home, but David was devastated. He was saddened by the fact that her house had been wrecked by a fire and a typhoon.

With the help of Aimee the interpreter, David attempted a brief talk with Sheila's father. Simplicio stated that it was difficult for him to communicate with David, which David assumed was due to his deafness. The American spent the night sleeping on the floor in Sheila's house, but according to the episode 9 trailer, David and Sheila awoke to an awful thing. The footage showed David attempting to calm Sheila, who was sobbing profusely. One of Sheila's parents most likely died. David is the only person who can give Sheila strength as she goes through this traumatic ordeal. Even if it isn't through words, David's presence will bring her solace.

While David will be unable to alleviate Sheila's suffering, he will be able to assist her in coping. Sheila will find the grieving process difficult, and she may want to go through it alone. David would have to wait. He'll have to be patient and give Sheila some time. Unfortunately, David is only in Cebu with Sheila for a few days. After all, this is the first time David and Sheila had met in person. On 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, they've hardly had enough time to get to know each other. How David chooses to console Sheila, may determine whether or not this relationship will endure.