Proof that Nicola is already in the United states with Meisha

 There weren't many clues on social media that point to 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season 6's couple Meisha Johnson and Nicola Kanaan's relationship status. However, a recent blurry photo posted on Reddit by a 90 day fiance fan, proved that Nicola actually made it to the United States, and also showed that Meisha and Nicola's relationship has worked out after all.

90 day fiancé fans have been watching the mismatched couple as they try to navigate their relationship in person for the first time. 46 year old Nicola was still a virgin and inexperience with women, while Meisha has already gone through her H0e phase and now wants to settle down with a nice guy. Because of Meisha dating past, many thought that Nicola's mom will never accept her into the family nor let her son get married to her, but after Nicola was spotted recently at the Mall of America, we can tell that this drama that was built up about the mom's acceptance of Meisha was just a fake story line.

Meisha revealed on one episode of before the 90 days that she and Nicola have been communicating online and over the phone for over seven years. The pair bonded through their passionate Catholicism after a spiritual experience and have been loyal and committed to each other ever since. Meisha and Nicola's significant miscommunication about their concerns, emotions, and future together has created a visible divide between them at first, especially the fact that Nicola was avoiding to tell his family about their relationship. Meisha who's a very sensitive and emotional person believed that Nicola was shy to talk about her to his people because of her past and thought that maybe she will never be accepted by his family.

After seeing the Reddit post below, nothing matters anymore when it comes to this specific couple's story line. You can tell that Nicola's k-1 visa was approved and now he's living with Meisha and her two daughters in Minnesota. The Reddit user who spotted the couple wrote:" Spotted them at the Mall of America today. I was in line at the Italian piada place about to pay when a guy approaches the counter to grab some napkins. I look and kind of do a double take, it is Nicola. I sat at a table near them and snapped this blurry photo that my wife says I need to post on Reddit. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, and they were with, I am assuming her daughter, so I did not want to disturb that by approaching them."

Last week, Riley's best friend revealed on her Instagram that she was busy filming for the before the 90 days tell all episodes, so from these two spoilers, we can say that she and Nicola will be both in the tell all' studio with the other American cast members.