Mike Berk debunks all rumors and reveals his current new girlfriend

 Mike Berk was tired about the rumors and innuendo surrounding his love life, and finally decided to put an end to speculations that he's reunited with ex girlfriend Ximena Morales, by posting a beautiful Picture on his Instagram profile @mikeyb90day with a mystery woman, who happens to be his current new girlfriend. The romantic caption written on the social media post was:" Two hearts intertwined in a world made just for us.", which proves that the female in the picture is actually his new girlfriend and not just a friend or a family member.

34 year old Mike is from New York, and he works as an IT support technician and also as a volunteer fireman. He first appeared on Before the 90 Days season 5 in 2021. Mike had met a Colombian woman named Ximena on an Adult cam website and had fallen in love with her. He lavished her with money and gifts, paying her rent and purchasing luxury home appliances for her and her family.

Mike wanted to get married to Ximena and couldn't understand that she was splitting up with him because of his bad manners. Of course, their problems were deeper than that, but at the end, Ximena didn't want to get married to a guy who was not her type. During all of their time together, she was basically using for money until someone better comes up.

Ximena recently fueled suspicions that she and Mike were reuniting again by uploading an Instagram story which consist of a screenshot taken from a video call that occurred between the two this week. Mike did not appear to respond directly to the speculation, but his new romantic picture with his girlfriend suggests that the rumors and gossips about him on social media have been bothering him.

Mike announced his engagement to the new girlfriend back in February 2023. He announced the news on Valentine's Day. It was their first Valentine's Day together, and Mike had planned a virtual date with her. The woman in Mike's new photo appears to be the same woman which was in the Valentine's day post. Even thought the new picture is in black and white, and doesn't really reflect his girlfriend's browning blonde hair color, but anyone with a common sense will conclude that it's the same woman. Mike was spotted filming shortly after his split from Ximena. He was with the TLC camera crew and a friend at a restaurant near his home in New York, which confirms that he will be back again to the franchise with a new woman in a future season of one of the spin off the shows.