Liz is madly in love with Big Ed after what he did in her daughter's birthday

 Surprisingly, Big Ed and Liz Woods from 90 Day Fiancé are still together in 2023. The couple was part of the The Single Life season 1 and happily ever after season 7 where they struggled to keep their relationship together, owing it to communication problems and Ed's personal fears. Ed and Liz reconnected after eleven breakups, but split up again while filming for a Tell All episode. This wasn't surprising given Ed's comments about his relatives being dubious of Liz's intentions and refusing to support his relationship with her. Big Ed's daughter is still not talking to him, and his best friend isn't happy with him neither. Even his mother believed that he was favoring his fiancé over her and everyone else in his life.

Despite the drama, Liz took to her Instagram Story last Wednesday to share a few photos from daughter's birthday and to thank her hubby for making it so special. Liz apologized for the late post, but pleased her Instagram followers to applaud her fiancé big Ed. "You helped me make my daughter's double digit birthday special! you created a craft table to keep all the kiddos entertained". She wrote.

Liz's caption was written over a photo of Ed and a handful of the youngsters from the party, who were sitting at a table fashioned to look like Wednesday Addams' dorm room window, implying that the party was themed after the Netflix program. She later uploaded another Instagram story using a photo of her daughter, who was dressed as Jenna Ortega's character in a black frock and posed in front of her gifts.

Liz's daughter's birthday party proved that despite the drama that we saw happening between her and no neck Ed on the show, the couple appears to be going strong, and that's based on their current social media activities. Big Ed shared an Instagram video of him and Liz golfing back in March 2023. And before that in January, he began uploading many professional couple pictures of himself and Liz, and on one of them he captioned: "Our relationship is a marathon".

During their last tell all and after a heated argument between the two, Big Ed demanded Liz's engagement ring back, which made everyone think that the pair were no longer together. These two, however, can't seem to stay away from each other for long, and keep coming back to each other every time.