Jeymi gives an update about her love life after her split from Kris

 Jeymi Noguera was last seen in the Other Way season 4 tell all, during which, she and Kris made it public that their marriage was over, and they were going to get a divorce. During the fourth season of the spinoff show, Jeymi, who's a Venezuelan living in Colombia, got married to her American former lover Kris Foster in Bogota, but the couple split before the season ended. Right now, Jeymi is happy and she is doing great in life, and her social media recent posts are the proof of that, while Kris has also moved on and she's currently focusing on doing charity work.

In The Other Way, the 30 year old was overjoyed to marry Kris. Back then, she revealed that she had recently found out that she was a lesbian and that what led her to meet Kris and to fall in love with her. The lesbian couple had already encountered difficulties, such as Kris ghosting her for a month. Despite that, and despite Kris admitting a slew of concerns upon her arrival in Colombia, the two ladies got married anyways. However, in the end, things went ugly and Kris pushed Jeymi so hard out of cab after a violent confrontation, and it was all filmed by the TLC camera crew.

Jeymi has remained in Colombia since filming season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. She recently revealed that she enjoys the Colombian sport Tejo. She has already emphasized the difficulties of seeking work as an immigrant. This prompted her to want to start a food truck with Kris. While these ambitions appear to be over, Jeymi appears content in Colombia. She even ran into Isabel Posada, a fellow cast member who also lives in Colombia and on the show she got married to Gabe Paboga.

The Venezuelan gave all of her love and trust to Kris, and later she regretted doing it. She now enjoys celebrating herself on social media and embracing her identity with the help of her fans. Jeymi is proud to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community and has published numerous Instagram posts during Pride Month in June. She's also preparing for her birthday, which will most likely be spent with close friends. Jeymi has appeared more confident than ever since her split from Kris, despite the fact that she hasn't revealed publicly who's she's dating right now, however, there were some rumors on Reddit about her speaking with another American woman online, a mystery woman who may come to visit her soon in Colombia.

Jeymi's future in the franchise will very certainly not include any appearances with Kris. During the tell all episodes, she did receive a significant amount of support from other fellow cast members, except for Miss Debbie, who called her a predator. Jeymi was seen as sympathetic and kind-hearted, whereas Kris was portrayed as the villain owing to her shady activities.