Jasmine is thinking about shaving her hairs off after years of struggling with alopecia

 Due to her constant hair loss and the stress it's causing her, Jasmine Pineda from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days is considering shaving her head. In early 2022, the 36 year old reality tv personality revealed that she's been struggling with alopecia. She claimed at the time that her hair loss began after she gave birth to her second baby and it's been getting worse since then. Jasmine shared another heartfelt note on how she still had to deal with the situation years later. She posted a photo of herself that shows bald areas on her scalp and indicated that she suffers from alopecia. The 37 year old mother of two also admitted that her hair loss saddens her and makes her days miserable.

Jasmine recently revealed an important update on her hair condition. She shared a video of herself dressed in traditional Panamanian attire, saying that she does not consider herself a "reality star or diva." The Panamanian native stated that life is difficult for everyone, and she is no different.

On the post caption, she wrote:" I’ve been thinking about shaving my head because seeing my hair fall every day is really torturing me lately. I still don’t know what to do", Jasmine then ended her statement with a crying sad face emoji.

90 day fiance fans on Instagram responded to Jasmine's post with sympathy and encouraging remarks. "You are beautiful inside and out," one Instagram user wrote, telling the 37 year old woman not to alter. Another Instagram user attempted to calm Jasmine down by telling her she didn't need to shave her head because she already looked fine despite her hair loss. Also, in an attempt to make the Panamanian 90 Day Fiancé star feel better, a lady in her forties added to the comments section:" Many, many, many women lose hair and have other issues, I understand your pain about losing hair, but do not go bald, You are ideal, dear!".

Jasmine feels anxious and upset everyday about losing her hair for several reasons. There are social and other considerations. Because women have traditionally had long hair, it's logical that she might be concerned about losing a portion of her femininity which is why she put on long hair extensions all the times. She may also be concerned about her image on social media and TV because of her low self esteem in general.