Darcey Silva is Pushing her Daughter to get another cosmetic procedure

 Darcey Silva is known for being extremely emotional and also about her bad choices with men, but what made her famous is the fact that she can to never feel satisfied with her looks. Her plastic surgery addiction and her desire to change every feature of her body will never end. 90 Day Fiance fans have frequently bullied her online, especially on social media because of it. Her Instagram followers were shocked recently when they learned that Darcey influenced her 18 year old daughter to have lip fillers, and now she wants her to have even more procedures. 90 day fiancé fans were so mad at Darcey for forcing Aniko to change her appearance when she was looking stunning already naturally without the need of any extra work done.

Darcey Silva has two beautiful daughters from her unsuccessful marriage to Frank Bollok. Fans have adored Aniko and Aspen since the beginning and have always marveled over their attractiveness. They have lauded the celebrity children for being naturally beautiful and not following in the footsteps of their mentally challenged mother and aunt. But it appears that Aniko has finally been inspired by Darcey and Stacey and is even following in their footsteps. Darcey recently uploaded an Instagram reel video in which she happily declared that her daughter was currently undergoing a new cosmetic treatment.

Aniko began the video by mimicking her mother and saying:" Hey Guys", she mentioned that she was there for her clear Aligners. The 90 Day Fiance star looks forward to her dream smile and appeared to be really pleased about it. Aniko acted just like Darcey, even filming the entire process and promoting the clinic at the end. Fans were taken aback because they could see what was going to happen next. One concerned fan wrote as a comment on the post:" Sweetie DON'T be like Mom!!". "This is child abuse, all these procedures are just Insecurities of her own mother" said another. The fans understand that the video was a paid sponsored post, but they were concerned about Aniko nevertheless, because she really looks good naturally and she doesn't need any work done.

Darcey and Stacey need to understand that Just because beauty clinics are offering free plastic surgeries and treatments to influencers and public figures who are promoting them, it doesn't mean that they have to try them all. They are not free cheese samples at the supermarket, the human body has limits and cannot handle too many plastic surgeries.