Chantel's answer to Pedro after he tried to get her back

 Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett were a true power couple of the franchise, unfortunately, their marriage has ended in 2022 after the Dominican secured his green card and decided that it's time for him to meet someone new. However, it looks like the grass is not always greener on the other side, and a year after their split, Pedro tried to get Chantel back.

Their breakup was heartbreaking, and it appeared like Pedro was the one who wanted out. Chantel was interested in trying couple's counseling, but her partner declined. While Chantel is undoubtedly better off without someone who doesn't want to be with her, she clearly still has some love for her ex-husband and needed time to heal. Meanwhile, Pedro appeared to be content doing his own thing and working as a realtor on his own.

Recently, Chantel shared on her Instagram stories a humorous video meme of a person running and being chased by someone. The caption said "me" to the man who was running away, and the other individual was described as "my dusty ex trying to get me back after I realized my worth and moved on." So basically Chantel was trying to show to people that her ex Pedro attempted to get her back, but she will never allow that to happen because she knows her worth now. She's right for not taking Pedro's back because he treated her so bad on the show and behind closed doors. After seeing her reply, her Instagram followers praised her for holding her head high and moving on.

Pedro trying to get back his ex wife at this point makes no sense, because during the last 2 years, he was becoming more self sufficient and seemed to enjoy his time away from his wife. The formerly close pair experienced tremendous difficulty, especially when Pedro appeared to become overly close with his boss, Laura Delgado. There were also reports that Pedro was having an affair with Coraima Morla, a friend of his sister Nicole Jimeno. Coraima appeared to be pining for Pedro, which was a thorn in Chantel's side.

Chantel and Pedro's story had a huge impact on 90 Day Fiance viewers. As a result, even after their happily ever after, viewers wanted to learn more about their lives. As a result, TLC eventually gave them what they wanted with The Family Chantel spin off show. However, now that Pedro and Chantel have separated, viewers are wondering whether the network would renew the show for another season or not. In a recent interview, Chantel admitted that she still doesn't know whether TLC will renew the family Chantel for a fifth season or not.