Big Ed is feeling devastated after he got dumped by Liz

 Fans of the hit reality TV series 90 Day Fiancé were introduced to a memorable couple, Big Ed and Liz, during their appearance on the show. Their tumultuous relationship captivated viewers, leaving them wondering if their love would withstand the challenges and scrutiny of the spotlight. As time has passed since their time on the show, many fans have been eagerly searching for updates on their relationship status. The last time we heard about the couple, they were filming for 90 day fiancé new Spin off show the last resort, and then they were sharing news on their Instagram stories about buying a new home together, and today, a friend of Big Ed revealed that 58 year old is single again.

Big Ed and Liz's journey on 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life and on season 7 of Happily Ever After offered fans a glimpse into their complex and often challenging relationship. Despite the ups and downs they faced on the show, the couple appeared to be committed to making things work. As with many reality TV couples, the true status of their relationship may be subject to change over time, and last week, Big Ed and Liz had their 12th break up. It was confirmed by a Redditor under the name of "cali8924", she uploaded the screenshot below with a caption: "He messaged my friend this.. I guess Last Resort didn't work". The screenshot consists of a conversation between big Ed and the Redditor's friend. The friend who didn't meet up with Big Ed for a long time asked how he's doing and to that the 58 year old answered sarcastically that he was feeling great because he was single again.

The pair appears to be as a couple who could benefit from going to a therapist, and we think that they are a good fit to be on 90 Day: The Last Resort because of their toxic relationship. Since their first appearance together in 2021, the couple has split roughly eleven times plus one break up which is recent. On average, they break up once every three months. Their past indicates that they are extremely incompatible and only support each other for personal gain: Big Ed needs a partner to be on the show, while Liz needs a provider to help her out with rent and everyday expenses because apparently she can't do it on her own even when she's working. At this point, their relationship does not require repair, Instead, it's better if they just break up for good and start seeing other people.