Big Ed and Liz's wedding date and invitation cards revealed

 Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods' wedding invitation cards were leaked on Instagram. Which means that the 90 Day Fiancé couple is getting married very soon, after they managed to work their relationship out, probably during the filming of 90 day: the last resort.

Big Ed is 30 years older than Liz and many 90 day fiancé fans still have a feeling of disgust about that. The reality tv star broke up with Liz 11 times so far, and the last time was during the tell all episodes of Happily Ever After season 7. According to a post on Instagram which was published by the fan page @90dayfianceupdate, Big Ed and Liz are not only still together, but they're also getting married in a few weeks. The fan page stated that one of their followers has a friend who has been invited to Big Ed and Liz's wedding which will happen on the 29th of August 2023.

The wedding invitation features a lovely portrait of the pair during a photo shoot after their engagement in August 2021. On the flyer, it was written: "The wedding of Edward and Elizabeth". It also includes information regarding the reported wedding ceremony, such as the time and venue. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé are already criticizing the supposed marriage of Big Ed and Liz. Some of the comments on the post was saying:" Who the hell gets married on a Tuesday?" and another one added:" They will be divorced in 90 days." The wedding announcement follows the TLC's trailer which revealed and confirmed that Big Ed and Liz will be on the new spin off show 90 a Day: The Last Resort.

No neck Ed and Liz have had compatibility problems, which caused by jealously and immaturity. A serie of leaked text messages were released online during one of their initial breakup shows Big Ed telling Liz she's "f**ked up" in her brain. Big Ed was also seen conversing with his ex girlfriend Rose, and he was even trying to get her back. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned and he was exposed for it by the Filipina herself during their last tell. In 90 Days: The Last Resort, the couple's next action is to seek professional help to resolve their troubles, and it seems like TLC has hired a very good therapist who managed to fix the toxic relationship between Liz and Ed.