Are Mary and Brandan expecting a baby?

 Once you become a reality tv cast member, it becomes hard to keep your personal life private anymore. Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay from 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way season 5, are still together after the show ended, and there are more spoilers ahead. 23 year old Brandan from Eugene, Oregon, and 23 year old Mary from Philippines, are the newest 90 Day Fiancé cast members exhibiting their storyline on reality television. Brandan met Mary online on a dating app at a bad point in his life, and the consequence was a toxic relationship in which both were hooked to their phones 24/7 on video conversations, even while going to the restroom or spending time with family. With serious trust concerns from her past, Mary wanted to keep an eye on Brandan all day, but he wasn't any better than her, The American even forced her to quit on her education and scholarship, and asked her also to stop her modeling gig, because he doesn't want her to be near other men.

Brandan and Mary got married, and it was Brandan's mother Angela Stiggins, who spoiled the couple' story line. Angela shared numerous pictures from Brandan and Mary's wedding ceremony on her personal social media accounts. Mary was dressed in a white bridal gown, while Brandan was dressed in a maroon tuxedo. While Mary's gown was white, the rest of the guests wore various colors of pink, most likely to keep up with the wedding's theme.

According to a TikTok comment that appears to be from Brandan’s cousin, there is more to this than a wedding. Mary is allegedly pregnant with the couple’s first child.  Additionally, Brandan’s cousin shared that Mary is actually a sweet person and she is not toxic and possessive as she was portrayed on the show. Even a sweet person can have insecurities that turn toxic easily. And Brandan and Mary have both put each other through hell, even though they are, as individuals, very likable. It's possible that when they met in person, a lot of the old insecurities and unhinged jealousy melted away immediately.

The young American wished Mary and his mother could get along and It appears like his prayers have been answered. On the show, Brandan promised his family that once he was with Mary in the Philippines, he would make sure things between them will be alright. His family was still not convinced, however Brandan claimed that he had already spent about $60,000 on building a house in Mary's hamlet for him and her to live in together. Mary may have finally realized that Brandan truly loves her and would never cheat on her. It remains to be seen whether this The Other Way couple will find their happily ever after or not, now that they are officially married.