Anna Campisi Incredible Weight Loss Transformation After her Gastric Sleeve Surgery

 Anna Marie Campisi Mistanoglu of 90 Day Fiancé is the next cast member to have weight loss surgery, following Angela Deem, Tiffany Franco, and Winter Everett. 38 year old Anna met 39 year old Mursel Mistanoglu from Antalya, on Facebook. When Anna flew to Turkey for 90 Day Fiancé season 7, she and Mursel displayed their journey together. Mursel's parents were opposed to him marrying a woman with three children, but he changed his mind while his K-1 visa was about to expire. Anna and Mursel got married in 2019, six hours after receiving his visa in Omaha, and welcomed their first surrogate child together in 2022.

On April 11, 2022, Anna and Mursel surrogate baby boy was born in Ukraine. According to her Instagram post, Anna chose to treat herself with a life changing surgery just days before her son's first birthday. The footage showed Anna, clothed in red pajamas, walking down the hospital corridor. It was Anna's first postoperative walk the day following her surgery, according to the post's caption.

On her Instagram @annamcampisi, the mother of 4 just gave an update about her weight loss journey. She has dropped so many pounds faster than she thought she would. She shed over 52 pounds in two and a half months following her surgery. Her shape is noticeably smaller, and she looks fantastic. The 90 Day Fiance cast member says she's feeling better following a health scare. "Everything is going pretty well now," Anna says. She is doing well after having blood clots removed from her stomach.

Anna appears to have flown from Nebraska to Mursel's native country Turkey to undergo the weight loss surgery. The facility bills itself as the Best Hospital in Turkey and has serviced over 15,000 patients like Anna to far. 90 day fiancé fans wished Anna well on her weight loss journey in the comments. While Anna was most recently seen in the franchise on 90 Day Diaries, being a reality TV star is not her full time job. She is the cofounder of the company Beauty and the Bees alongside Mursel. Anna started the company back in 2015.

The couple provides local honey and whipped honey, as well as homemade jam and bath and personal care products like lotion with teas and other housewares. Anna and Mursel had met online in a Facebook group about beekeeping, since they shared a love of beekeeping. Anna and Mursel's passion was crucial in providing them with the happily ever after they desired. They used to have communication problems, but Anna began to learn Turkish and Mursel began to learn English. Their pregnancy announcement was also interesting, as they tweeted a photo of a yellow onesie with the words Future Beekeeper printed on it.

Losing weight is great, but now, Anna struggles to think of something to eat. She acknowledges that she still has trouble deciding what to cook every day. Then, when she prepares something to eat, she discovers that she can only consume a handful of bites because she fills up so fast. The weight loss process was not easy for her, but it's all worth it.