Angela Deem criticized by fans for living in an untidy house

 Angela Deem, the controversial star of 90 Day Fiancé, is being criticized again on Instagram by her own followers, this time for her dirty house which looks like a dumpster on the inside.

The 57 year old grandma is a well known figure in the reality TV world for her relationship with Michael Ilesanmi and for her wild and inappropriate behavior when it comes to dealing with people in general. Angela fell in love with 34 year old Michael from Nigeria when he messaged her on Facebook. She was overweight back then and had a low self esteem, so it wasn't so hard to win her heart. The couple experienced numerous roadblocks on their journey to marriage, including adultery suspicions and other concerns like "toting" a baby at an old age. While Angela waits for Michael to get his visa to come to the States, she continues to face backlash for her off screen actions.

Unfortunately, not only Michael's arrival to the United States is a mess, Angela's home is even messier. In one of her recent Instagram Reels, Angela filmed herself in what looks to be her bedroom. She remarked in the video:" Remember this, my social media aren't private, but my life is, you don't know my life, but you know my social media". To that statement, 90 day fiancé Fans responded in the comments section saying:" Clean up your house, and please put things away!!!" and another one added:" Maybe you should get off the internet and do a little cleaning?".

The trolling comments didn't end there, another 90 day fiancé wrote:" Ummm, we know about your life because you put your nasty self out there for all to see on 90 day.". Angela's statement that her life is private and that fans know nothing about it is what had everyone perplexed. She has been a regular in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise since 2018. Angela is one of the few cast members who has been able to stick around and is being cast in multiple spin offs due to her narrative with Michael on 90 Day Fiancé being so compelling.

It's like what Nicki Minaj once said in one of her songs, people are hating but are still watching. Angela Deem has always kept the viewers interested and entertained, as well as wanting to know what's going on with her relationship. It's confirmed that Angela is returning to reality television shortly. The network has revealed the launch date of 90 Day: The Last Resort, which will air on Monday, August 14. Although the cast of this show has not been officially revealed, some names of rumored cast members have circulated on the Internet. Angela is one of them, and she is joined by another disliked cast member, No neck Ed.