After she dumped Razvan, Amanda reveals her new boyfriend

 Before the 90 Days season 6 duo Amanda Wilhelm and Razvan Ciocoi are a disaster waiting to happen and clearly won't end up together, and now we have the proof. 31 year old Amanda who's widow with two young children, went to Romania to meet her new lover, Razvan, who's a 26 year old TikTok influencer from Bucharest, Romania. Razvan occasionally conducts shirtless dances for his social media followers and offers to do even more for the right price, while Amanda had been married to her best friend Jason for most of her adult life, who died of cancer barely a year before she started filming for the show.

When Amanda's ex-husband Jason became ill, he told her that he wanted her to find love and move on. She remembers him telling her that it wasn't fair for her to go through life alone, and that he wished someone would be there for their children. Amanda claims it would have been unjust to him if she had simply lived her life without finding love again. She entertained herself on social media, and it served as an escape for her. Amanda may be following her husband's wishes, but she should've spent more time grieving. She needed to give herself and her children time to recover from her husband's death.

Amanda desired a guy to fill the emptiness created by her husband's death, and she would not have been able to make the correct choice while she was grieving. She has only known Razvan for four months, but she has made her children meet and play with him digitally during that time. Furthermore, Amanda confessed that they've broken up a few times before, primarily due to her jealousy which gets triggered by Razvan's social media work. He kept telling her that it was just his job, same like acting, but the mother of two still couldn't handle seeing her man kissing other women on the job.

And that's probably why the couple broke up. Amanda has already moved to the next guy, and didn't take time to heal from her last relationship. Apparently, she has a thing for social media influencers, and her new guy is also a TikTok influencer under the username "codythedifference".  Amanda exposed her new relationship on her TikTok, starting with her bios in which she wrote: "The difference", with a king, heart and lock emojis, which emphasizes that Cody the difference is her new king and his heart is locked to her only. Cody also added something to his TikTok bios that also confirms that he's dating Amanda. He wrote "Red Flag A...." with a heart emoji at the end. As you can tell in the screenshot below, the letter "A" stands for Amanda, and "Red flag Amanda" is the name that the cast member is using on her TikTok profile.

Amanda and Razvan's relationship was never going to work, he will always choose his career first, and she won't be able to just stop being a possessive jealous person. Her new man is 40 year old and lives in Florida, however, Amanda is still making the same mistakes when it comes to dating. She didn't take enough time and heal and she quickly jumped to the next relationship, and it's known that social media influencers with big fan bases cannot be trusted as partners, because they could easily meet up and cheat anytime with one of their many admirers.