2 years after their split, Mike flies back to Colombian to meet with his ex Ximena

 Ximena Morales, who's a former cast member of the 90 Day Fiancé spin off show Before the 90 Days is back again with a major revelation. She gave many hints that she will meet her American ex Mike Berk in Colombia, right after she had a video call with him and shared a screenshot of it on her Instagram. Mike Berk is currently in Colombia, and this was confirmed after he posted a video Instagram story yesterday of him at the airport. In the story post, He asked his fans to stay tuned and informed everyone that he was going to Colombia.

34 year old Mike Berk who is an IT support technician and a volunteer firefighter from New York, met the 25 year old Colombian on an adult cam site. For months, he's been sending her gifts and donations on the platform until finally he convinced her to be his girlfriend, but that came with a condition. To make Ximena quit her job, Mike has to take care of her financially, which he did for a while until their split. Mike and Ximena had clear linguistic difficulties, they couldn't interact without a translation app. The Colombian made it plain that she was only with Mike for the money and did not love him. She even was repulsed by his farting, burping and untidiness.

After Ximena broke up with Mike, he behaved like an "Incel" and he refused to take no for an answer. He later demanded that she return all of the money and presents that he'd given her. Mike was the antagonist in the relationship, but Ximena's recent Instagram Story paints a different story.

It appears that Mike and Ximena's chaotic history is now in the past. The mother of two shared a screenshot of a recent video call she had with Mike. It showed their good mood as they talked on the phone. Ximena captioned the photo, "Gracias Mike," to thank him for something he did which she chose not to reveal on her social media.

Meanwhile, Mike shared an Instagram Story of his own, on which he captioned:" I've had enough of this nonsense, give me time, but I will be telling the truth about my current relationship.". Mike announced his engagement to a mystery woman back in February 2023, but he never divulged the identity of his new girlfriend at the time. It's possible that Mike is currently in Colombia to film for a new season of the other way, and also to meet his actual new Colombian girlfriend for the first time. Meeting with his ex Ximena while he's there could be just another fake story line that TLC is trying to create to add more drama to the new season of the spin off show.