Zied Hakimi's shocking new hair cut is making Rebecca mad

 Zied Hakimi of 90 Day Fiancé astonished his admirers when he decided to give himself a hair makeover on Instagram. The Tunisian former actor made his reality television debut in Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. He met Rebecca Parrott, a former private investigator, on Facebook and dated her online before she decided to bring him to America on a K-1 visa to marry her. Zied and Rebecca disagreed about their religious beliefs. Even though They have a 22 year age difference, the couple managed somehow to stay together to this day.

The young Tunisian may not post frequently on Instagram, but his once in a blue moon updates keep his followers entertained. Zied posted a video with the comment "I did it." "Hey guys, is my shave good?" he asked his Instagram followers. "Can I one day become a skilled barber!" Zied wore a man bun and untied it to show long, curly curls that he appeared to have grown for years.

Zied began by snipping the ends of his hair with scissors and then proceeded to shave all of his hair off with clippers to give himself a clean buzz cut. "Very handsome!" an admirer wrote in the comments section on the reality TV star's recent reel post.

A day later, Zied posted a photo of himself to show the results of his recent haircut. However, his wife Rebecca didn't like or comment on any of his new photos, which means that she likes him better with his long hair or when he ties his hairs in a man bun shape, and she most likely doesn't approve Zied's new look.

The couple was last seen in 2022 on 90 Day Diaries. Rebecca was caught off guard when Zied asked her to accompany him to Tunisia. She was hesitant to uproot her entire life and relocate to Zied's nation, abandoning her family and profession. She was afraid that if she fled, he would abandon her and she would never return with her later. Rebecca eventually caved in to Zied's requests and joined him in Tunisia. The couple spent a few months with Zied's family before returning to the United States. 

Zied has also sparked controversy in recent months after sharing a very photoshopped photo of himself and Rebecca in which she did not resemble the Rebecca that we know. Zied was chastised for inventing a false version of Rebecca in his imagination and pressuring her to change her appearance. The American has always been associated with filters because she has admitted to using solely filters when communicating with Zied online during their early dating days. Still, Zied and Rebecca appear to be having no problems in paradise and are staying away from the 90 Day Fiancé cameras for the time being, living a drama free life.