Yara confronts a 90 day fiancé fan who made a rude comment about her body

 Yara Zaya has already admitted to getting a b**b job, but it appears that the critics believe she did much more.  The 90-Day Fiance: Happily Ever After former cast member is tired of people criticizing her body, and she finally decided to answer one specific social media user, who was spamming hate comments on her social media posts. Trolls have been targeting Yara this week, since she recently posted a set of sexy pictures of her on her Instagram @yarazaya. She also retaliated against another critic who called her husband Jovi "fu***** ugly".

A couple of days ago, while she was in the plane, Yara posted a Q&A Instagram story to interact with her fans and give them a life update, and It didn't take long for someone to be mean and try to offer Yara a compliment disguised in an insult. The commenter warned Yara not to do any further work on her physique, but tried to soften the impact by saying: "you're a beautiful woman, but...".

Yara started the Q&A because she was apparently bored on her flight from New York City to New Orleans, but she soon turned from annoyed to angry when she got that remark regarding her figure. Not a surprise that the TLC celebrity was irritated, and she responded to the hater by uploading a video story of herself defending her life choices. The Ukranian asked the troll: "what else do you think that I did beside having a b**b job?", she also explained how after having Mylah and bre*stfeeding her for months, her b**bs became floppy and looking at them started to affect her self esteem so she had to do something to make them look better.

Meanwhile, there were other queries that didn't bother the 90 Day Fiance star, and she addressed them as well. Someone inquired about her recent vacation to New York without daughter Mylah, as it appears Yara and Jovi left the toddler at home with Gwen. Who "looks after Myla while you're gone?" The Instagram user asked. Yara mentioned that Mylah is typically with them on their travels, but she couldn't come with them this time so, they left her with Jovi's mom to take care of her.

Overall, it's amazing to see how far Yara has gone in the last several years. Despite a terrible childhood, she has successfully established a new family in the United States, purchased a home, and even become a mother. Aside from that, Yara has launched her own business, which has been profitable in recent months. Her development demonstrates that she has successfully overcome her trauma and is more confident than ever. She also never shies from speaking about whatever plastic surgery she had or she may have in the future.