Winter Everett flaunts her new body after losing over 120 pounds

 Winter Everett of Family Chantel has lost 120 pounds during her weight loss journey, which she proudly displays on her Instagram @winterckyler. When she was cast in the family focused spin off show, the 27 year old sister of 90 Day Fiancé cast member Chantel Everett emerged from the shadows. Winter's narrative in The Family Chantel season 4 had her receiving weight loss surgery in Tijuana, while Chantel and Pedro Jimeno were getting divorced. In 2020, she decided to undergo a gastric balloon operation. It was after Atlanta resident Winter's terrible separation with ex boyfriend Jah King.

The Family Chantel star's life has altered dramatically since then, and admirers are following her weight loss updates on Instagram as she continues to share posts about it. Winter recently uploaded a gorgeous swimwear photo, she sported a blue floral pattern beachwear and flaunted her curves. In the post caption, the 90 Day Fiance star stated that she was teaming with a new business to establish her own swimwear line. Fans were overjoyed and couldn't take their gaze away from her especially in the comments section. Winter now has a trim and slender frame with well defined curves. Her face characteristics have also changed, and she now exudes a strong aura of self assurance and vigor. One of her Instagram followers commented: "You look amazing" under her post, while another wrote:" Well done, my butterfly." It's obvious that her admirers are really proud of her.

Chantel's sister was 330 pounds when she wanted to make a change in her life. She has lost an astonishing 120 pounds in the last two years. Her weight loss journey has been slow and steady, with the addition of exercise and diet to her new lifestyle. When Winter saw The Weight Loss Barbie, aka Kayla La Vende, on TikTok, she was encouraged to get weight loss surgery. Winter was merely looking through the app following her breakup with Jah. She overheard Kayla relating her story about undergoing a Bariatric operation in Mexico.

Winter's next step in her weight loss journey would be to have plastic surgery to remove the extra loose skin. She may be considering also a belly liposuction soon, however, she hasn't shared any specifics with her fans. Meanwhile, The Family Chantel's future on TLC is unknown. With Chantel and Pedro's divorce, the spin off show may not get a fifth season, as the pair are not longer together and don't have any plans to reconcile. Fans would be more interested to see Winter on the single life after she got her confidence back thanks to the massive weight loss that she achieved.