This is why Syngin got a new hair cut and is moving to Thailand

 Syngin Colchester, the South African bum, has finally decided to cut his gorgeous long hairs to reveal a makeover that has his fans swooning. Before getting married to his former wife Tania Maduro on 90 Day Fiancé season 7, the 33 year old came to America on a K-1 visa. He used to work as a miner and then as a bartender in South Africa before Tania met him, but he is now an adult content maker with his new girlfriend on onlyfans. Syngin also appeared in 90 Day: The Single Life season 2 after his split from Tania. He didn't manage to get a serious partner on the spin off show, but he later introduced his current girlfriend Shayna to his Instagram followers.

Syngin Colchester's long hair has contributed to his unique look, and it has only grown in length since his reality television debut. He teased his fans many times that he was going to cut it one day, and he finally did it. In an Instagram video, Syngin was on his way to the salon, and he asked his fans to subscribe to his new YouTube channel @SynginColchester90 to witness the results. His girlfriend taped the footage as she calmed Syngin and asked him not to be nervous.

Syngin and Shayna announced their intention to donate his hair. They handed the stylist an old photo of Syngin for inspiration and urged them not to make it too short. The South African later posted a new picture of him on his Instagram @syngin_colchester with his new short hair style, and he got praised for it by many 90 day fiancé fans on Instagram, who left hundreds of positive comments complimenting his new look.

Tania's ex-husband has been living and prospering in the United States since his divorcing her back in 2022. However, his recent posts indicate that he does not want to stay in the States for long. Recently; Syngin held a personal Q&A and tackled some heated themes in his most recent Instagram stories. One such inquiry concerned his next excursion and future travel plans. Syngin mentioned that he and his new partner, Shayna, intend to live in Thailand. "We are thinking of going to Thailand and actually living there," he added, adding that his next major trip will be more than just a holiday.

Aside from his probable Thailand relocation, Syngin spoke on his relationship objectives. When a 90 Day Fiancé viewer inquired if he would marry his new gorgeous girlfriend, the 33 year old reality star denied it. He wrote:" Not sure about all that lol.". In another Instagram Story, Syngin answered to a fan who asked if he still plans to visit his ex wife Tania or stay in contact with her, and to that he replied with a simple "Nope", indicating that his relationship with Tania is finished for good, which is probably for the best. The 90 Day Fiancé cast member stated that his divorce with his ex wife should have happened sooner, implying that his previous relationship was too long and painful.