This is why Natalie was slammed by fans for promoting Shein

 Viewers of 90 Day Fiancé have slammed Natalie Mordovtseva for promoting a brand that reportedly uses slave labor. 38 year old Natalie who's from Ukraine, lived in Kyiv with her mother after her second divorce, before relocating to Sequim, Washington, which was her first stop since she came to the United States. She met her American husband Mike Youngquist through common acquaintances and hoped to advance her modeling and acting career after she moves to his country. However, Natalie realized that her marriage to Mike was an impediment to her career's progress, so she ran away and moved to Florida after their split, and there, she met a modeling agency CEO named Josh Weinstein, who is now her boyfriend. Her journey didn't end there, in 2023, the Ukrainian moved to Los Angeles, California because there, she can have even better opportunities for her modeling and acting career.

Los Angeles has been good to Natalie, and it has provided her with numerous options to earn money as a model. That, however, may come at a cost, as Natalie's recent Instagram collaboration has landed her in hot water and she's been under fire since then. She reality tv star posed next to a blue McLaren with open butterfly doors, wearing three different Shein dresses.

Natalie's natural poses for the ad in all of her outfits demonstrated how good she is at her job. But among fans who praised Natalie for looking so beautiful, were also some 90 day fiancé fans with morals who called her out for promoting a Chinese clothing company, that's been exposed multiple times for their bad practices, specifically for slave and child labor.

According to an article published in the Rolling Stone magazine, Shein has a history of producing badly constructed garments at an exorbitant rate. Many of the company's abused employees were noticed by the public recently, after they started sewing messages begging for help into the clothing they are making. According to several TikTok videos, which have received millions of views exposing the company, the mega factory workers  were allegedly written "need your help" or "help me" on the tags of the brand items.

Some people saw these shocking clothing's tags as a cry for help from the company's employees, who were allegedly forced to work against their choice. The charges have yet to be substantiated, and the Shein corporation was forced to issue a statement saying that they take supply chain matters seriously and they do not accept noncompliance with their stringent Code of Conduct, which includes policies prohibiting child and forced labor. Natalie noted on her Instagram post that she was doing a paid promotion for the company, and given that she's wanting to grow as a model, it's a huge collaborative opportunity for her. Many people have no morals and will sell their souls to make a quick buck, and apparently, Natalie is one of those people.

Despite the criticism, Natalie kept the post on her social media, since she already got paid for it. Removing it at this point could lead to legal problems with Shein. Natalie has previously claimed that even a bad publicity is a good publicity, since it increases the interactions on her social media's posts and give her more exposure, so the 90 day fiancé viewers' reactions don't really bother her.