The ultimate proof that Jasmine is already in The United States

 A Reddit user revealed a significant spoiler concerning Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda that appears to disclose where they are in 2023 and if they are still together or not. 53 year old Gino was first featured in Before the 90 Days season 5 alongside Jasmine who was just his girlfriend back then and she used to work as a teacher. Jasmine and Gino were engaged on the show after their fair share of squabbles. This month on season 6 of the spin off show, they've returned with a fresh set of problems, including a delayed K-1 visa approval and Jasmine's own Australian ex boyfriend, Dane, with whom Gino will accuse her of cheating.

On the new season premiere, Jasmine was concerned about when her K-1 visa will be approved, however, a 90 day fiancé fan on Reddit appears to have confirmed that Jasmine is currently in the United States. The American fan took and shared a picture from his phone of Gino and Jasmine walking down a busy street together. "Spotted in Michigan tonight!" stated the fan in his post.

The Redditor confirmed that the photo was taken while Gino and Jasmine were out and about in Plymouth, Michigan, and he expressed his excitement about finding out what happened to the couple after the new season of Before the 90 Days was filmed.

Gino was wearing one of his distinctive caps and a shirt in the covert snap. He did, however, have a scowl on his face, but Jasmine, who also wore a hat like Gino, had a serious expression on her face and glanced away from her fiancé. One of the 90 day fiancé fans on the Reddit post asked why Gino doesn't look good or happy. Other fans answered the question by saying that Gino has never been happy since he met Jasmine, she's been draining his finances and happiness since the day they met.

A teaser clip of future episodes from the new before the 90 days season suggests that the couple split few times before getting back together again. Gino was suspicious about Jasmine and wondering if she was cheating on him. He then called her an idiot in another scene where they were filming a confessional, and an enraged Jasmine threatened Gino that she will go to her ex because he gave her the best s*x she ever had. Jasmine told Gino that her ex boyfriend is the best man she's ever been with and even remarks about Gino's sexu*l desire to hurt him. This Toxic Behavior from Jasmine drove Gino to say "I'm done" while leaving the room.

Nevertheless, Jasmine is currently in America and appears to be still with Gino, implying that they did, as they always do, reconcile after the argument. Jasmine remained with Gino despite the revealing images of her that he shared with his ex Brazilian girlfriend without her approval, and also after she got fired from her teaching job because of it.