Miss Debbie gives an update about her and Oussama

 In a recent Interview with Entertainment tonight, Debbie, the breakthrough star of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4, reflected on some of her most talked about moments. The 67 year old  made headlines for her not so pleasant romance with her Moroccan former fiancé Oussama, who's 43 years younger than her. Debbie spoke to the Entertainment tonight Interviewer about her relationship with Oussama nowadays, and she also discussed her experience while filming for the fourth season of the spin off show.

Debbie ended her relationship with Oussama after accusing him of manipulating her to come to America. Her goal had been to move to Morocco permanently to be with Oussama, but when she arrived, he abruptly changed his mind and asked that they fly to the United States so he could work as an artist. Debbie revealed during the tell-all that Oussama tried to get in contact her by sending her hundreds of texts, basically begging her to forgive him and  to take him back, despite the fact that on the tell all, he said that he was no longer in love her and he was only trying to end things peacefully. Debbie told ET that he is still attempting to rekindle their love relationship.

Regardless of how things ended, Debbie still wants to help his family because they were nice to her. She even wants to pay for Oussama to fix his teeth. During the last year, she admitted that she grew particularly close to Oussama's sister, stating that they've been talking a lot.

Debbie confessed that she was afraid at times during her season in Morocco, such as when she and Oussama went out late at night and she labeled him creepy. Debbie told her son, Julian, that Oussama wasn't the guy she thought he was and that he morphed into a new person at night after they decided to separate ways.

During the tell all, Debbie played matchmaker backstage for her son, Julian, who may have made a love connection with her fellow 90 Day Fiancé castmate Jen. She claimed that she was just trying to help and didn't want to get nosy into her son's love life. Jen did reveal during the tell all that she offered Julian her phone number because she thought he was attractive.

Overall, Debbie and Oussama did not treat each other well throughout their relationship during The Other Way season 4. Many people sided with Debbie because of her lovable free spirit character. The older American woman depicted herself as having been severely abused and exploited. That was far from the case. Debbie ruined Oussama's reputation with the help of her son Julian. Many local Moroccan social media meme pages were making fun of Oussama and his family for months. The 24 year old young man became the b*tt of the joke in his own country.