Mike youngquist new girlfriend revealed

 Mike Youngquist, star of 90 Day Fiancé, has been separated from his former wife Natalie Mordovtseva since early 2021. Since then he was spotted with a couple of beautiful women, one of them was Marcia Brazil Alves from rock of love. No one knew that Mike had a girlfriend until yesterday, when the reality star posted a photo of them together on his Instagram and as a post caption, he put a heart emoji.

Mike and Natalie made their 90 Day Fiancé franchise debut in November 2019 on season 7 of the show. Mike came to Ukraine throughout the series after learning Natalie's visa would be delayed, where they argued over crucial issues such as religion and children. Natalie placed her engagement ring in Mike's bag just hours before he left for the US after a big fight at the end of the trip.

The couple's relationship was still toxic when they returned for season 8 in December 2020. They did, however, learn that Natalie's K-1 visa had been approved by the American embassy in Kiev. Natalie relocated to Mike's little town of Sequim, Washington, despite their continued conflicts, and the couple decided to use their 90 days permitted time to work through their issues. However, once Natalie arrived, things only grew worse as she tried to acclimatize to life on a farm in a remote region. She also clashed with Mike's mother, Trish, who felt Natalie was taking advantage of her son.

While Natalie is living and partying in Los Angeles with other 90 day fiancé cast mates, Mike decided that it's time to show the 90 day fiancé fans that he also moved on and he shared the photo below of his new mystery girlfriend on his Instagram @bigmike90dayfiance.

For some reason, Mike decided to not show his girlfriend's face yet, and he marked her face in black, however the mystery woman shoulder's tattoo will help identify her sooner or later by many 90 day fiancé fans who love to play detective to reveal mysteries like this.

As we mentioned before, Mike previously had a romantic relationship with Rock of Love Bus alum Marcia Brazil. The couple ignited relationship suspicions after the VH1 actress posted many pictures on her Instagram of them enjoying time together in Las Vegas back in September 2021. Marcia took to Instagram a year later to appear to spend another Sin City trip with the 90 Day Fiancé celebrity.

While Mike is trying to live a peaceful life far from the Camera, his former wife Natalie is still chasing clout everywhere she goes. When she first appeared on the show, fans liked her and wanted to help her achieve her goals. She later changed her ambitions and adopted a new personality that appeared to be all about social media prominence. Natalie's changing behavior is the reason why her comments area is flooded with people hating on her. As a result, it's difficult to take the Ukrainian reality star's promotion posts seriously, especially given that the majority of 90 Day Fiancé viewers react adversely to her social media content.