Jasmine answers to Hamza after he called her a green card scammer

 Hamza Moknii, The Tunisian cast member from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5 is under fire for mocking fellow cast member Jasmine Pineda. The young man met his 34 year old American girlfriend, Memphis Smith, for the first time in his home town Kairouan, Tunisia, after she flew to meet him and his family. Two weeks after they got married, the mother of two from Michigan decided to bring him to the United States. Things proceeded as planned, however, Memphis became pregnant before returning to America, and Hamza arrived to the States just a few weeks after the birth of his daughter Kiori. But then, something happened between Hamza and Memphis, and he decided to split up with her and run away to Chicago.

What Hamza did to Memphis was a typical move that a "love rat" would do once he achieves his goal, which is arriving to the United States, usually without paying a penny. Though, other scammers are more patients and smarter than him, because they usually secure their green cards first, and then leave their American spouses.

Hamza has been living alone in Chicago, Illinois, and there has been no word of him or Memphis returning to any future 90 Day Fiancé's shows. According to his Instagram profile @Hamza90day, it looks like the Tunisian has been keeping up with his co-stars, particularly Jasmine. He left a comment with the words "Jasmine just want a green card" and a laughing emoji.

A screenshot of his comment was quickly captured and posted on Reddit, and fans of 90 Day Fiancé were so furious after seeing it and many of them lashed out at Hamza because of his harsh comment about Jasmine. One Redditor called Hamza out for his hypocrisy and wrote: "Hamza you would definitely know...as you got yours so quickly and bowed out even quicker".

Jasmine also saw Hamza's comment and to answer him, she posted an Instagram story with a long caption criticizing him and his life choices. She wrote that Hamza is the one who scammed his wife and made her pregnant to make it easier for him to get a visa and come to the United States. At the bottom of her Instagram story, she added a hashtag "#modelfromwish", by this tag, she was mocking Hamza whole modeling career.

When Memphis announced her pregnancy within a week of her marriage with Hamza. Even Hamza and a few 90 Day Fiancé viewers weren't sure that Hamza was the father of the kid. The paternity DNA test result later confirmed that Hamza is actually the father. But, by then, Hamza and Memphis had already split. The former couple got divorced in October 2022, just a year after Memphis gave birth to her third child in October 2021. Later on, Hamza was ordered by the court he had to pay for child support and Memphis declared bankruptcy less than a month after divorcing. She used to be a nurse practitioner, but she allegedly owed $225,430.57 in obligations and debt.