Gino's ex wife leaks the conversation between her and Jasmine and clears her name from all of the allegations

 Before the 90 Days star, Jasmine Pineda said she got fired from her teaching position because of Gino Palazzolo's ex, but some fans have always been skeptical about her side of the story. Jasmine from Panama City met Gino from Michigan on an international sugar daddy dating service, and he was smitten by her intelligence and attractiveness. Later on, Jasmine came out as someone who's so jealous and materialistic, and she flipped Gino's peaceful life upside down. Gino spent so much money on Jasmine, admitting to paying for her hair, teeth, aesthetic treatments, k-1 visa process and recently a $3000 a month apartment.

The Michigan man who was also unemployed at the time when he first appeared on the show, explained that he was spending money on Jasmine because she had lost her job during the pandemic. That was until Jasmine brought up a new story later on, stating that she got fired because Gino's ex sent her n*des and private pictures to people working in her school.

Gino Palazzolo was married to Denise, a Brazilian woman, for many years before starting a relationship with Jasmine Pineda, and now their divorce information has leaked. Gino has been holding numerous secrets about his background from Jasmine when they first met, in addition to being so secretive about what his head is like under the hat. During the events of before the 90 days season 5, Gino's ex was portrayed as the villain, however, a leaked conversation between her and Jasmine proves that she was actually a good person who was just trying to give a warning to Jasmine by spilling the tea about Gino's past with women.

Gino's ex didn't even open or see Jasmine's inappropriate pictures and videos that Gino sent to her, she just wanted to tell the Panamanian that Gino was sending her private pictures to people without her consent. Denise also didn't send Jasmine's pictures to the school where she worked or to anyone, despite Jasmine accusing her of doing so on the show. Jasmine got fired because she decided to become an adult "onlyfans" model and sell her private photos for money to thirsty men online. After being on the show for a couple of episodes, the 35 year old gained a lot of exposure on her social media profiles, which encouraged her to start making money online without having to work from 9 to 5. No school will allow an onlyfans model to teach kids, because the parents will never agree to such thing and that's why Jasmine got fired.

At the end, we can't deny that Gino was wrong for sending Jasmine's private pictures to other people. His actions made Jasmine resent him for months until she eventually forgave him. But, that's the least of their problems, since Gino's family has made him worry if Jasmine is marrying him for his money and they encouraged him to get a prenup. Gino wants to protect himself, but Jasmine's refusal to sign the prenup may cause difficulties much bigger than potatoes and missing peelers.