Gabe leaks a heated conversation between him and Mahmoud that was cut out from the tell all

 Even though 90 Day Fiancé the other way Season 4 has ended, there is still some drama that happened behind the scenes that the viewers need to know about. Part of the heated Argument that took place between Gabe and Mahmoud during the all all was cut out by the TLC production team to protect their investment even after his transphobic comments. It's confirmed that Mahmoud will be back with Nicole in the new season of happily ever after and TLC doesn't want the Egyptian man's image to be tainted before the new show is released.

Gabriel Paboga was so judgmental toward the Egyptian and confessions his disagreement about the way Mahmoud is treating his Nicole behind closed doors. He also recently claimed that he was subjected to transphobic comments while recording the 3 parts tell all, and it appears that the footage was deleted from the show to avoid problems.

This troubling incident first came to light on Gabriel's Instagram, where he was being criticized by fans for questioning Mahmoud Sherbiny. During the tell all, Gabe asked Mahmoud if he'd force his Muslim beliefs on his children while they were in the US, even if they didn't share his desire to practice Islam. A fan asked Gabe how he would react if someone disrespected him in the same way he talked about Mahmoud's faith and in the screenshot below, you will find a comment that Gabe posted to defend himself and in which he also called out Mahmoud for his transphobic comments.

Gabriel claimed that Mahmoud addressed him as he/she and was disrespectful to the point where Nicole became angry and cried. During the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way tell-all, Nicole burst into tears when Mahmoud left his camera, but there were no specific scenes during the altercation with Gabe in which Mahmoud used transphobic slurs.

There is currently no video evidence that Mahmoud stated anything transphobic so for now we will have to take Gabe's word for it. However, it's understandable why TLC would have cut it, if it did happen. The tv network has a public image to protect, and they don't want to get cancelled for allowing such incident on one of their most popular shows.

While we can't predict the future of their marriage, but as we mentioned before, it's confirmed that Nicole and Mahmoud are currently in Los Angeles and are filming of the new season of happily ever after. At the end of Season 4, they were still together, and Mahmoud agreed to relocate to the United States to attempt to make their marriage work there. TLC may have erased some embarrassing video involving him, but nothing stays hidden forever.