Everything about Usman's new girlfriend Kiera

 After his split from Kim Menzies in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After season 7, Usman Umar, alias Sojaboy, gets a new American lover. The Nigerian singer made his television debut in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4, where he married his American ex wife Baby Girl Lisa. The ex was fired from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise after she was caught trash talking Usman and using the N word on several occasions. Since then, Usman has disclosed two new women in his life who are Zara and Kim. When Zara and Usman split up, he turned Kim into his potential girlfriend. Kim promptly proposed to Usman after showering him with affection and presents.

Kim and Usman's romance, however, did not last long since one thought they had made more sacrifices than the other. Usman now had a new girlfriend after Kim, and he confirmed the news on his TikTok @officialsojaboyy during a live stream. His new girlfriend Kiera Ogden also posted 2 TikTok videos on her personal account @The.kiera.elise with the Nigerian rapper, in which she was doing some social media challenges, ironically about red flags in relationships.

During one of his recent live streams, Sojaboy told his fans that he broke up with Kim for good a year ago and revealed that his new girlfriend is 35 year old and from New Jersey. While digging around, we learned that the new girlfriend is a designer based in New Jersey who has worked in the fashion industry since 2005, doing everything from styling to freelance design, buying, managing bridal salons, and producing unique wedding accessories. Kiera Elise Collection which is her business name, is the perfect combination of Kiera's three passions which are fashion, love, and travel.

The new couple also did a recent live stream together and during which, they mentioned that they are not currently filming for a new 90 Day Fiancé show and stated that they are not interested to be in one in the future, but that could be a lie, because even if they were filming, they won't be able to say they are because of their NDAs. Usman and Kiera, on the other hand, were being evasive about how they met. They only stated that they met with social media and provided no further information. This is why some speculate that Usman is keeping the best parts of his love story for a future 90 Day Fiancé show that he wants to keep as a surprise for later. Usman is a popular cast member, and his new relationship is a strong indication of his potential return.