Daniele is accusing Yohan of cheating and putting his hands on her (Video)

 Daniele Gates, star of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 4 and love in paradise season 2, has revealed to her social media followers some serious allegations about her husband Yohan Geronimo, during one of her many Instagram live streams. The couple's ups and downs in their marriage were depicted in Season 4 of The Other Way and on the 10th of July, we will be able to follow their journey again in the upcoming season 5 of the spin off show.

The couple has always had trust issues, financial disagreements and different plans about their future. Yohan threatened to leave Daniele after the expiration of their lease during Part 3 of The Other Way Tell All, upsetting both Daniele and their cast mates. It's no secret that Daniele and Yohan's marriage was in trouble, but Daniele is now leaking some beans that appear to show that things were even worse than fans anticipated.

When she's not sharing posts about her lifestyle in The Dominican Republic, Daniele usually goes live every week on Instagram to do a Q&A with her fans. During a live stream that she aired during the first week of June, The 44 year old answered one of her Instagram follower's questions, and confirmed to her that she did caught Yohan cheating on her on many occasions, especially during the times when she flies back to New York. She even confessed that he did put his hands on her one time, but she kinda forgot about it and moved on.

Daniele spilling the tea didn't stop there, she also accused Yohan of denying her the right to drive because she is a woman, which she deems abusive. Not only that, but she also had to explain their money situation to make things clearer, and she told that Yohan has never paid for anything since they got married, leaving her with the entire financial burden.

All of this drama was before the release of the other way season 5 trailer, which confirmed the couple's come back to the franchise and showed them having a heated argument, followed by Daniele screaming at Yohan and demanding him to leave her house.

Despite all of that, Daniele's recent Instagram story implied that she's ready for forgiveness, but it was with no explanation as to whether she was talking to her relationship with Yohan, someone else entirely, or if it was just a general advice for her social media followers.

It's unknown whether the 90 Day Fiancé couple is still together despite filming for the 5th season of the other way. Daniele just stated on Instagram that she will not share her current relationship status, despite being asked many times by her social media followers to reveal what's going on between her and Yohan. It could be because of the NDA that she signed with TLC, which stops her from revealing such information to make people more interested in watching the new season. She did express a few weeks back that she believes in her and Yohan's love story and that was her last statement about the topic.