Angela Deem looks 30 years younger during a recent photoshoot session

 During a recent photoshoot session, Angela Deem from 90 Day Fiance looked fitter and more attractive than ever after having a fresh model makeover. When she opted to have weight loss surgery, the 56 year old hoped to live a longer life for her 34 year old spouse Michael Ilesanmi. The meemaw underwent liposuction, a gastric sleeve treatment, and a bre*st reduction in August 2020 and had already lost 90 pounds by March 2021. While Angela's body has transformed, not much else about her did. Her fashion taste is still sloppy as ever, she didn't quit smoking, and her attitude toward Michael remained unchanged.

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé noticed Angela regaining her lost weight in 2023, but her latest Instagram image shows how good the grandma is looking now by changing up her style. "Hi Queens, just sending love to you all," Angela captioned a video in which she appeared to be modeling for a fashion photo shoot. It could be also a promotional shot for an upcoming 90 Day Fiancé spin off show.

Angela did not go into specifics, but her long legs and stylish hair drew the attention of her 800k Instagram followers. "You look fabulous," a fan said, and Angela's castmate Kimberly Menzies told her in the comments section that she looked amazing.

Angela's hair, which she usually wears in a messy bun, was blow dried and shaped in a sleek and straight bob. She showed off her long, shapely legs in a fitted white tank top, a fluffy cropped jacket, and a patterned little skirt. More of Angela's coworkers commented on her transformation, and some did notice that she was slimmer. "Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You're beautiful." "You've done an amazing job with your weight," one commenter stated. Angela hasn't responded to any of her followers yet, but for sure she must be enjoying the attention that she's getting.

Angela is so rarely complimented by 90 Day Fiancé viewers. Her Instagram posts are cringe worthy most of the times, especially when she employs bizarre filters and shares videos, using them. She was recently embroiled in a scandal for attempting to impersonate the late Tina Turner when the renowned singer passed away. Angela's video was offensive to many Tina's supporters, yet she did not delete it. Angela will occasionally be seen dancing to TikTok songs or collaborating with her Canadian crush Billy, whom Michael despises.

In the past, Angela wanted Michael to give her his Instagram account password, because she was afraid he would stray if he had his own page. Unfortunately, she was right, and Michael was talking with a young 30 year old American woman on Instagram after defying Angela's wishes and creating an account for himself. Michael apologized for his error, and the pair reconciled after yet another breakup. It's unclear whether Angela and Michael will appear in a new 90 Day Fiancé season, however, Angela was spotted filming for a new spin off show called 90 day fiancé: couple's therapy, at a resort in the Florida Keys, back in January 2023.