Andrei gives an update about his deportation status

 Andrei Castravet, star of 90 Day Fiancé, is frequently noticed for all the wrong reasons, from deportation rumors to his explosive on screen actions. Whether he's liked or hated, the Moldovan came to the United States with nothing and managed to live the American dream by owning a business, buying a house and providing a good life for his wife and two kids. When he was on the 90 day fiancé shows, he was known as a rude and entitled man who's willing to leech on his father in law forever, however, most of those scenes were just for show, and time later has shown that Andrei is a hard working man who has the entrepreneurial spirit in him. When he isn't engaging in intense feuds with his in laws, the 38 year old is posting pictures of himself with his wife and kids that reveal a far softer side of him.

Drama kings and queens are always highly appreciated by the TLC producers, and 90 Day Fiancé's Andrei won his sparkling crown fairly and squarely. Andrei is like the female version of Angela Deem, relies on shock value to keep his fifteen minutes of fame going. So far, his willingness to go over the brink on screen has paid off. What's intriguing is that a heart beats beneath that sometimes ferocious persona. He's a warm and devoted father who appears to adore his wife, Libby. Authentic love between spouses isn't exactly what TLC wants to film, the drama between the couples is what's helping them to gain viewership and thus advertisers' money.

According to a recent Google USA, a lot of 90 day fiancé fans are searching "is Andrei deported". People want to know if Andrei has been deported or will be deported because this is an entertaining news for some folks. Since this is a hot topic, it's time to dispel the deportation rumors and clarify what's going on with his immigration status. Andrei is still in the United States, according to his most recent Instagram photo. However, this does not mean that his fears of deportation are no longer valid.

Andrei found out back in January of this year that his immigration case had maybe met a snag, and this was filmed on the last season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. The root of his issue is that his two year conditional green card expired, and applying for the next one is a problem because apparently "someone called immigration and snitched on him". He needed to obtain a green card, which would offer him permanent residency in the United States. That forced him to go and have a meeting with his immigration lawyer who didn't give him a certain answer about whether he's going to be deported or not.

According to his Instagram @andreicastravet, Andrei is currently in Tampa, Florida, and the immigration matter is under control. As previously said, there may be other issues with his standing in America in the future. However, because this man bulldozes through obstacles, it will not be shocking if Andrei was already granted the permission to remain in America soon after the end of happily ever after season 7.