Amanda's response to 90 day fiance fans who called her a bad mom

 Before the 90 Days season 6 has started and it's already packed with as much drama as fans expected. The Viewers had already watched an unusual incident in the premiere of the new season, when Tyray's girlfriend Carmella was revealed to be a catfish, but it wasn't the only problematic relationship in Season 6's ensemble. Many fans were surprised to learn how soon Amanda Wilhelm initiated a new love relationship following her husband's death, and now she's replied to the critiques in a way that may have spoiled her entire storyline.

Amanda revealed at the premiere that before he died of cancer last year, her husband gave her his blessings to find someone else and to live her life. He also wanted a good role model for his children to look up to. Amanda eventually began dating Razvan Ciocoi, a Romanian born man she met on TikTok. Amanda's sister expressed her opinion that it was premature for Amanda to fly across the world to remain with Razvan and see if their relationship was ready for marriage, and many 90 day fiancé fans agreed on social media. Amanda saw on social media the negative reactions of the viewers to her and her life choices and decided to post a statement to clear things out.

Amanda claimed that production for 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days took place over a year after her husband's death. However, the season began with Razvan and Amanda being in an established online relationship, so it's unclear how long they were flirting romantically before filming.

The viewers were also concerned about Amanda reentering the dating scene with her young children in the picture. The children were shown in the premiere during a Facetime call with Razvan, as well as kissing, sleeping and traveling with their father's cremains that were put in a wooden box, as their mother left for her Romanian vacation. Amanda responded to those comments as well, providing further information regarding her children's relationship with Razvan as well as her feelings on her late husband's ashes being carried around. In her own words:

The American was speaking about Razvan in the past tense, which could indicate that she is no longer with the Romanian social media influencer. Based on the teaser for Before The 90 Days Season 6, it looked like their breakup was a possibility. Amanda freely said to Razvan that they might not be right for each other. Though misleading expectations are common in reality TV teasers.

The single mom desired a new man to fill the emptiness created by her husband's death, and she would not have been able to make the correct choice while she was grieving. Most of the time that she spent communicating with Razvan was during their long distance relationship and she still has made her children meet and play with him digitally during that time. Furthermore, Amanda confessed that they've broken up a few times before, primarily due to Razvan's social media posts with other women. He keeps telling Amanda that it's just his job, but the American is still full jealousy and can't handle seeing her man continuously working with young and beautiful women.