Amanda explains how the viewers were totally wrong about her

 Amanda Wilhelm has called out the 90 day fiancé internet detectives for their curiosity in uncovering mysteries about her life before reality television with Razvan Ciocoi. At the moment, She still lives in Eunice, Louisiana, with her two children, Aleena and Jason Jr, a year after her spouse died of cancer. During the first 3 episodes of before the 90 days season 6, things were not looking so good between her and Razvan, mainly because she did a mistake by jumping into a new serious relationship so fast, while she still needs more time grieving. Also, the time lapse between Jason's death and Amanda's meeting Razvan sparked considerable suspicion, as it was unclear whether she knew Razvan before Jason died on March 19, 2022 or after.

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé put on their thinking caps and scrolled through Razvan and Amanda's prior social media postings to connect the dots and appear to have unearthed some details not revealed on the show. Amanda appears to be responding to this in her current Instagram Story, when she offered these admirers a caustic shoutout. "Shoutout to Reddit's fantastic keyboard detectives!" Amanda wrote as a caption. "You are truly out here doing great work," she continued.

During her introduction, Amanda received pity from the viewers who wished for her to find love again after losing a husband she had loved her entire life. Amanda had been married to her late husband for eight years and had been with him for 12 years. He was the only man she'd known prior to meeting Razvan. Furthermore, Amanda was grieving for more than just Jason's loss while filming 90 Day Fiancé. Amanda's sister Ashley died a month after Jason on April 10, 2022, and she also lost her mother in May 2019.

Despite the fact that these deaths were not discussed on 90 Day Fiancé, Amanda felt to need to replace the gap they had left in her heart. Those who thought Amanda should have waited a bit longer to find her next husband and a father figure for her children criticized her. She was also mocked for allowing her children to carry and embrace Jason's ashes. Amanda made it plain that she wanted to return from Romania as a married woman. Furthermore, in Before the 90 Days episode 2, Amanda expressed uncertainty about the relationship. When Razvan told her about his tourist visa, she was taken aback.

The Romanian influencer sensed her irritation and was confused with her reaction. He started to think that maybe she doesn't want him to fly to the United States to meet her children. Meanwhile, there are hints on Amanda and Razvan's TikTok profiles suggesting they were talking before Jason died. Amanda has also been accused of cheating on her ailing husband with Razvan, and she has done nothing but laugh it off. While most cast members of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days would have laughed off fan speculations, Amanda's response is an interesting twist. At the end, Razvan's career and Amanda's jealousy are the main reasons why we think this couple will never make it.