After being dumped by Yohan, Daniele Gates is switching teams

 Daniele Gates from 90 day fiance The Other Way season 4, and love in paradise season 2 may be turning her love life in an entirely different route. After being dumped by her Husband Yohan in front of everyone on the tell all, it seems like the couple didn't reconcile, since both of them deleted all of their pictures together from their Instagram profiles. Yohan really stunned the viewers when he revealed that he would leave Daniele after their lease expired, now many 90 day fiancé fans started to think that the Dominican's love for Daniele was conditional, and if she won't bring him to the United States, then, he got no reason to be married to her.

Some alarming revelations about their marriage have emerged since then, with Daniele recently accusing Yohan of cheating and even physical abuse. She's is now looking to extend her horizons in terms of love.

On June the 2nd, Daniele posted an Instagram Story of herself riding in the back of a car. She didn't say anything in the video, merely messing with her hair while staring at the camera on her phone. She wore a pink strapless top and beaded hoop earrings and had a contented expression on her face. At the top of her story, she started a poll and asked her followers, "I think it's time I start dating women...". The confused fans voted 50/50 on her pull, so Daniele will have to decide for herself whether she will start dating women or not.

Despite her breakup with Yohan, Daniele has attempted to be cheerful. She even informed her Instagram followers that she will always believe in her and Yohan's love story, despite the hell she's been going through recently. Meanwhile, Yohan seemed to have moved on as well. Daniele last featured on his Instagram feed in early April, in a video from a happier period, but that post now is deleted or archived on his Instagram. Yohan's most recent Instagram posts showed him enjoying a single beach day. Yohan sat at the water's edge before staring back at the camera as the waves crashed at his feet, but it wasn't obvious who captured him in the Reel.

During a recent Instagram live, Daniele cried and wiped her tears away as she lit a joint and proclaimed: "The more I work and the more successful I am and the more light I shine, the more inadequate my husband feels, and the more abusive he gets and the crazier he gets". Daniele, who felt she was done protecting Yohan, admitted: "I just wish people knew the truth".