This is why the other way cast members were asked to go easy on Kris during the tell all

 Debbie Aguero from 90 Day Fiancé the other way season 4, confirmed that the show's producers told all of the cast members to not ask Kris Foster difficult questions during the tell all, because Kris is crazy and unpredictable. When a fan questioned 67 year old Debbie on Instagram whether the producers were asking everyone to create extra drama for ratings, the TLC personality stated that the opposite was true, specifically when it comes to Kris. Debbie told the fan that she was never approached personally with the intention of causing troubles, but she stated that the producers have told everyone to be gentle with Kris because she was in a vulnerable emotional state.

The comments' section of Debbie's Instagram profile @unicornrodeorider is like the wild wild west. The reality star always takes the time to answer most of the fans' interesting questions, whether they were supporters or haters, about what's really going behind the scenes between the cast members.

Julian's mom went on to say that some of her co-stars, notably Gabe Pabon, may have been more outspoken as a result of how the fans handled him. The 32 year old trans was brutal while interrogating Mahmoud Sherbiny about how he treats his wife, Nicole Sherbiny, during the tell all episodes. Mahmoud couldn't handle the heated argument and stormed off out of his recording hotel room. Later, he video called his wife Nicole and released his anger and frustration on her. Debbie said that Gabe was also frustrated, because he was getting bullied by religious people during all of his life.

Daniele also was in the conversation in the comments' section of Debbie's post, and she was surprised by what Debbie said. The New Yorker confirmed that no one approached or asked her to say or to do anything, and she expressed her disappointment in the producers who asked Debbie and other cast mates to go easy on Kris.

While Debbie was on team Kris during the tell all and even called Jeymi a predator, the rest of the cast members didn't support her choice and all of them were on team Jeymi. The former couple clashed about their financial problems during the tell all episodes, and Kris claimed that her Venezuelan wife cheated on her three times after they got married. Kris almost died after she found out about Jeymi cheating on her. As a result, She quickly left her work and she was so mad and upset and during her trip back home she flipped her car.