The reason Julia and Brandon are moving to another country

 Julia Trubkina, a former 90 Day Fiancé cast member, intends to relocate to another country with her spouse, Brandon Gibbs because live in the US is a struggle and has become unbearable for her. Since marrying her beau in season 8, the 29 year old reality star has experienced numerous hurdles in the United States. She has overcome every challenge that has come her way, from concerns with Brandon's farm to find a job. Unfortunately, Julia's hardships in America grew severe in April 2023, when she was robbed and lost her legal documents. As if that wasn't enough, she got into a heated argument with her neighbor, who threatened to shoot her.

Last week, Julia posted an Instagram Q&A story to answer her fans' questions and give a life update. One such remark came from the 90 Day Fiancé star in response to a fan who questioned if she loved living in Virginia Beach. Julia wrote that she likes it and she used as a background a photo of herself with her beloved dogs and spouse. The Russian native expanded on her response, revealing that she and her husband aren't usually at their Virginia Beach house. "I think we'll move," she said, expressing her desire to relocate to a mountainous location or to another nation entirely.

Apart from informing her Instagram followers on her planned relocation plans, the 90 Day Fiancé star also discussed her stolen paperwork and whether she has resolved it in recent weeks or not. "I have restored some of the documents," she stated, adding that she had yet to recover other documents, particularly her Russian ones. Julia also stated that she was unable to restore numerous critical items, including her green card, because it was no longer valid. She added that she Scheduled an interview for green card renewal, however the bureaucracy and waiting time are killing her joy every day.

In reality, Julia's decision to relocate makes sense, as her life hasn't been simple since she arrived in America. If she chooses to live in Russia with her family, she may find happiness there. Julia might have a lot more stable life in Russia and live without anxiety because she has spent the most of her time there and understands everything about the country. Brandon may love relocating to Russia because he has always lived on a farm in the United States. As a result, moving to Russia could be an excellent opportunity for him to learn more about his wife and her background.

Sadly, Julia may be unable to relocate to Russia yet at the moment due to her unsolved Visa situation in the US. She needs to get her permanent residency first to have options in case she wanted to go back. Let's also not forget her husband's parents who won't let him go so easily. Brandon has a terrific job and enjoys spending time with his parents on a daily basis. As a result, Julia would find it difficult to urge him to abandon everything and relocate to Russia. While it's uncertain whether Brandon's parents approve of the couple's probable move to a different nation, they'll be much happier if they live nearby. The 90 Day Fiancé alum's dreams of relocating to a nearby mountain location better fit her current circumstances.