The reason Evelin is flying to USA without Corey

 After getting married in season 3 of the 90 Day Fiancé the other way, Evelin Villegas is finally moving to America to live with Corey Rathgeber. The 28 year old from Engabao, Ecuador, made her debut in The Other Way season 1 with her 34 year-old American partner Corey. During their first season, Corey moved to Evelin's country, although the relationship has had several breakups due to adultery. One such breakup was caused by Jenny, a woman who became Corey's side chick after he got engaged to Evelin. Despite this, the couple is still together and having a happy married life, with fans wondering when Evelin will have a child.

Evelin is flying to the US without Corey, because her husband has been in the US already for almost 3 months now. He flew first so he can set things up before bringing his wife to live with him. Evelin First revealed that she is relocating to the United States, and soon later she confirmed to the news website monsters and critics that she got her paperwork, while assuring everyone that she is ready to move once again to the United States and will try to adapt better to it this time.

Despite her big move, Evelin still have businesses to run and manage in Ecuador. So at some point, she will have to fly back home to make sure that everything is running as should be. She told that the States will be her primary home now, because that’s where her husband makes most of his money. The Ecuadorian is so exciting and at the same time scared of the new move.

The first time Evelin visited the United States, she stayed with Corey for six months but departed when she became homesick, at which point Corey revealed that he had spent $40K on their relationship since they originally met in 2014 while vacationing in the small Peruvian town of Montaita. Corey and Evelin had planned to open a cocktail bar near the beach in Engabao and they did. They also opened a serie of cabins near the bar to rent them to tourists and they welcome 90 Day Fiancé fans with open arms and even give them discounts. They are also planning on a new business, a bed and breakfast with a restaurant and an infinity pool.

Evelin did not get along with Corey's family because they believe Evelin caused them to drift apart from Corey. Corey's relatives did not also attend his and Evelin's wedding. Evelin did not want to convert to Mormonism and even wished for Corey to abandon his faith. Even now, Evelin does not appear to be interested in converting, implying that her time in America with Corey and his family will be challenging.