The reason 90 day fiance fans are turning on Debbie

 During 90 day fiancé the other way season 4, Debbie Aguero was a fan favorite. However, after some recent controversial statements by the 67 year old, many people have turned against her mainly because of her behavior on the Tell All. Debbie gained accolades for her unique attitude and eccentricity upon her debut in season 4. As a result, Debbie's love interest, Oussama, was chastised and accused of being a love rat, who's only in love as long as he gets his green card. Debbie had a lot of comments on the Tell All about everyone and during the tell all part 2, She backed Kris Foster and referred to Jeymi Noguera as a predator.

Debbie's criticism was not well received by her cast mates and especially by Jeymi, who is also a fan favorite. On Reddit, many threads have been posted lately calling Debbie out. In one of the posts, a Redditor felt vindicated for his dislike of Debbie throughout the season and he wrote: "Just wanted to express my relief and the small restoration of faith in humanity that I've experienced since the derailment of the Debbie love train". Several other people stated that their feelings about Debbie had shifted, and quickly, the Georgia native started to have more haters than supporters.

Though several 90 day fiance fans admitted to changing their thoughts about Debbie, there were several more who were never admirers of hers to begin with. Even if Oussama was a scammer, many didn't like the age gap between him and Debbie and found the idea disgusting of the two of them getting married. Beside that, it feels like Debbie was exploiting a poor family from a third world country for her own benefits and retirement plan. Throughout the season, many people were shy on social media to call Debbie out because they were worried that her supporters will bully them online on social media. One the fans pointed out that Debbie's grooming of Oussama, a considerably younger man, did not appear to have turned previously supportive supporters against her. Instead, it was Debbie's support for Kris and her comments against Jeymi.

It is remarkable that Debbie has earned so much affection throughout The Other Way season 4, considering many other cast members in her position have not. Angela Deem, Big Ed Brown, and Jenny Slatten all have substantial age disparities with their partners, and they have all been chastised for it. However, Debbie's eccentric conduct and amusing one-liners drew many viewers' attention away from her more troublesome qualities. Debbie's worst blunder was going for another fan favorite from her season, which caused viewers to doubt her reasons and reconsider Debbie's behavior.

This could be only the beginning of Debbie's wrath, and she's probably unprepared for what's to come. Debbie, a former fan favorite, has received kind and encouraging notes from fans, but that is soon to change. Kris is widely seen as a villain on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4, thus supporting her is unlikely to be well received.