Miss Debbie is getting Cancelled after she called Jeymi a pr0stitute

 During the tell all part 2 which will air this Sunday, Debbie Aguero told everyone in the studio how she was really feeling about Jeymi. Unfortunately, her thoughts about the Venezuelan were all negative. To make the matter worse, not only she called Jeymi a user on the tell all and in front of everyone, but later she continued her dislike of her on Instagram by calling her filthy names that will shock and disappoint all of her supporters once they see her comments.

On The Other Way, Debbie had a rough time because her poet love interest, Oussama, turned out to be a scammer looking for a Green Card. Jeymi also had a turbulent relationship with Kris Foster. Despite the fact that the pair were newly weds, Kris decided to return to the United States and would go months without communicating with her wife. Kris has been called out for her suspicious behavior, and Jeymi has received a lot of appreciation as a result.

One individual who isn't a big fan of Jeymi is her co star Debbie Aguero, who will be seen on the Tell part 2 tonight shouting out at Jeymi and calling her a "predator". While bashing Jeymi, Miss Debbie also praised Kris for being a good person and described her as a giver who fell victim for a user from a third world country. Debbie exact words were: "It’s very easy to manipulate someone that’s suffered, because they’re looking for acceptance and love, it’s very easy for a predator to take advantage of Kris”. The Host Shaun Robinson looked shocked and asked Debbie if she was really calling Jeymi a predator, and Debbie doubled down and said yes.

If things had ended on the show, Debbie would've got a chance to keep a bit of her popularity, especially after her recent controversial comments. But sad to say she couldn't do that. On her Instagram @unicornrodeorider, she always answers her fans' comments either they were supporting or opposing her. A Reddit user under the name of "kimissalty", took a screenshot of a controversial comment made by Debbie before she deleted it.  It all started when a 90 day fiancé fan on Instagram left a comment on one of Debbie's posts blaming her for a supporting Kris who's Cleary an abuser and Debbie had to answer to defend herself. In her defense to clear her name for supporting Kris, Miss Debbie wrote that she doesn't sell herself and body to others for money, meaning by that statement that Jeymi was some kind of an esc0rt or a pr0stitute who was giving her body to Kris as long as the American pays her bills and sends her money every month.

Debbie who was a fan favorite for 14 episodes of 90 day fiance the other season 4, just fell off from heaven and has become one of the most disliked cast members. Beside bad mouthing Jeymi everywhere, she also made fun of Rishi's Indian accent during the tell all part 2, which was a tasteless thing to do from her part. It makes us really wonder, what's the next controversial things that Miss Debbie will do or say during the final episode number 3 of the tell all.