Miss Debbie is fuming after being destroyed by a 90 day fiance fan on Twitter

 Debbie Aguero is getting a lot of criticism from 90 day fiance fans on social media, even after she ended her relationship with 24 year old Oussama near the end of season 4 of the other way. Their age disparity had generated quite a fuss earlier in the season. Her comments on the tell all and on her social media accounts, especially Instagram and Twitter, have turned her from a hero to a villain because reality shows can be faked or scripted, but the things that people post and comment on social media, usually reflect who they really are.

Debbie and Ousamma never clicked romantically, and their plot was one of the most tedious in the series. While She was seeking companionship, the Moroccan was hoping that she will help him move to the United States to get a green card. Their season, however, took off when Oussama handed Debbie a make it or break it ultimatum. The Moroccan justified why Debbie must help him to obtain a green card, but Debbie decided to end their relationship and move back home because she doesn't want to be with someone who just wants a visa. She also assured everyone in the tell that there was no hope of reconciliation with Oussama, even if losing her best "friend" was a hard thing for her to deal with.

Since the 67 year old called Jeymi a predator on the tell all and took Kris' side, she still stand by what she said and won't apologize for her controversial statement despite losing many of her supporters. On one of her Twitter's posts, a 90 day fiance fan asked Debbie if she supports domestic abuse. That's because Kris grabbed and pushed Jeymi so hard during a scene of the 90 day fiance the other way, and Debbie was supporting her during the tell all despite that act.

As a first answer, Julian's mom wrote that violence is never acceptable. Stating that her son  is a cop who sees a lot of domestic violence cases that starts with just arguing. Then, the 90 day fiancé fan called Debbie out for ignoring Kris' actions toward Jeymi and for supporting the wrong person instead of the victim. The fan also told Debbie that she's disappointed in her and explained to her that what she said on the tell all was so wrong.

Fumed with frustration, Debbie gave up on the discussion and told the viewer that whatever she will say or do, will not change or stop the hate that she's been getting online. Instead, she decided to lie and explain that she never saw the clip of Kris pushing Jeymi.

Tim Malcolm and even many 90 day fiancé fans shared the same theory, about Debbie using Oussama to arrange a permanent migration to Morocco, owing to the lower cost of living compared to the United States. All of Debbie's recent statements only showed us that she was not the saint that everyone believed she was.