Mahmoud was spotted at LAX with Nicole and the TLC camera crew

 Nicole and Mahmoud El Sherbiny's marriage was in jeopardy, following Mahmoud texting and flirting with a Chinese woman, as shown in a preview of Tell-All Part 3. Despite their many issues, it looks like the couple is still together. To make it even better, it's confirmed that Mahmoud has made it to America after he was spotted in LA X, with Nicole and the TLC film crew. Which only means that the couple will be on the new season of the popular spin off show, 90 day fiance happily ever after season 8.

The footage of the couple in LA X was posted by the YouTube channel X17onlineVideo. In the video, we can see Nicole who changed her hair color from blonde to red, running toward her Egyptian husband who just arrived to the United States after he got his visa. Nicole hugged Mahmoud for a minute long and tried to kiss him on the lips but failed, because Muslim men don't love to show affection in public.

While waiting in the airport, the 38 year old American was holding a large piece of paper on which she wrote :" Welcome Home Mahmoud, my love!". The Egyptian young man looked so happy to see his wife, however, from his face expression, he also looked stressed and uncomfortable, that because of the Camera crew and the people at the airport, who were looking at him and Nicole and wondering what the hell is going on.

Now, Nicole and Mahmoud will try to make their marriage work in the United States, and we hope that they won't end up like Mohamed and Yve, who had many scandals and a terrible divorce last year. Thanks to TLC, we will be able to see what happened between the couple in the new season of happily ever after, which could air before the new year. But for now, we will have 90 day fiancé before the 90 days season 6, which will premiere next month, specifically on June the 4th.

Despite various problems posed by their extreme cultural differences, such as arguments over wardrobe choices, Nicole and Mahmoud have conquered their obstacles and maintained a close friendship. Their reunion at LAX demonstrates their determination to make their love work despite the hurdles stacked against them. As time passes, this tenacious couple continues to defy expectations and demonstrate that love knows no bounds. To watch the full video of Mahmoud's arrival to LA X, visit X17onlineVideo YouTube channel, or play the video below to see the full footage directly.