Kris reveals what really happened to her son, which made her stay 5 months away from Jeymi

 Jeymi was frustrated and sobbed for months over Kris's decision to stay in the United States for a longer time than expected. The American had little contact with her and even less financial support. Marriage remains difficult for Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, as the newlyweds were dealing with a long distance relationship, financial problems and non existent trust between them. At first, Kris stated that she stayed longer in the US so she can work and save money. However later on during a recent episode of before the 90 days, she changed her story and said that her son was in big troubles, which is why she couldn't fly to Jeymi to be with her during her birthday.

Jeymi revealed on last Sunday's show that she was angry and sad about Kris' absence. Kris was meant to be gone for two weeks to fix an issue that needed her presence in the court and also to obtain her narcolepsy prescription, but she hadn't returned to Colombia after several months. Another reason Kris had stayed away was to earn money to support Jeymi, since Kris's immigration status in Colombia prevented her from working legally there. That was until Kris changed her story. The 40 year old Alabama Native told the producers without too much details that she had a personal family matter that forced her to stay back home.

Thanks to a 90 day fiance fan page called  @90daychisme, now we know what really happened. The owner of the fan page sent a dm to Kris on Instagram and told her that someone sent her or him some text messages between two people, saying that Kris was in rehab for three months during the filming, which is why she couldn't talk to Jeymi whenever she called. She later asked Kris if that was true and also wanted her statement about some allegations about her mistreating Jeymi mentally and even physically.

The fan page's questions triggered Kris. She told that she never checked into a rehab and never needed to. She also revealed that her son ran into troubles and she had to put him in rehab. Kris also didn't appreciate the hate and the false rumors about her that are circulating online on social media, and she lashed out by calling all of her haters " f***king losers". As far as for Jeymi, she confirmed that she always treated her like a goddess, giving her everything and never asking for anything in return. She also affirmed that she never was with a man after being with Jeymi and never cheated on her.

She could be lying, however, because her story contradicts Jeymi's. In a short teaser clip on the next 90 day fiance before the 90 days season 4 tell all, Jeymi exposed Kris and said that she has a proof of the cheating event. Based on her words, the man who slept with Kris, sent to Jeymi inappropriate photos and videos of him and Kris doing  the deed.

This Sunday the finale plus the first tell all episode will be aired, and a lot of questions will be answered. A couple of teaser clips were released by TLC, in the last two weeks, showed that everyone was there, including Dibbie's son, and many cast members were exposed for doing things that were never mentioned during the show.