Kris reveals how much money she sent to Jeymi since the day they met

 The newlyweds' relationship crumbled after five months apart, financial difficulties, and Jeymi's selfish actions following Kris's son's arrest. During the finale that aired last Sunday night, we can tell that Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera's marriage collapsed. During season 4 of the other way, the producers of the show filmed, edited and cut many shots of the cast members, but they showed a clip of Kris telling her mom that she sent Jeymi a 1000 dollars. Which doesn't seem like a lot, however, thanks to Miss Debbie who is a close friend with Kris, now we know exactly how much the American sent to her Venezuelan wife.

While trying to enjoy a delayed birthday celebration for Jeymi, the couple attempted to speak through their previous troubles, but things quickly became combustible when finances came up again. The relationship ending's fight happened after five months apart, when Kris returned to America for what was intended to be two weeks, only to stay far longer than she had imagined.

Kris stated that her son had been arrested for selling drugs, which was why she had been gone for so long. Jeymi's birthday passed in the midst of the chaos, and it was Kris's second missed birthday. Jeymi showed concern about Kris's son while also requesting that Kris should prioritize their marriage. This infuriated Kris, who stated to the cameras that her wife was so whiny and selfish all the times.

The pair raged about money as well. When Jeymi's exorbitant rent subject came up again, it was the final straw for Kris. TLC shared a clip from 90 day fiance the other way tell all part 2, in which we see Miss Debbie defending Kris and calling Jeymi a predator, who's only looking for an American to financially support her. Debbie also called Jeymi a taker, while she praised Kris for being on a Giver.

Debbie is also active on her Instagram @unicornrodeorider and always answer her fans' questions in the comments section. When a fan for some reason asked her about Kris, Debbie said there was over ten grand sent to Jeymi by Kris during their short lived marriage and confirmed that she knows somebody who has the receipts. That somebody can be no other that Kris herself, because the two seem to be friends and have been talking for a while privately.

Debbie also said that she didn't care what people say about her, and confirmed that Oussama never forced her to send him money, those 3000 dollars that she sent to him during the last 3 years, were from the goodness of her heart because she knows and sympathizes with poor people who are living in third world countries. She said that as a way to attack Jeymi again for forcing Kris to send her money because she got rent and bills to pay while she didn't work for months.